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Places in Mexico famous for sports

Mexico is one of the trendy vacation spots in the world, is a land full of beautiful landscapes filled with beautiful sandy beaches, ancient cities, green mountains, and dense civilizations. The mix of ancient, rural and modern ways of life of people and culture is extremely impressive and makes it one of the most attractive and unique countries in America. If you are a sports lover, book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto because there are many places famous for sports in Mexico.

Monterrey Baseball Stadium 

Monterrey Baseball Stadium is a famous and largest baseball stadium in Mexico. This is the stadium of the baseball team of the League of Mexican Sultanate of Monterrey. The Monterrey Baseball Stadium is always in the eyes of the world and has discovered it as the best place to practice baseball in Mexico.

Monterrey Stadium

Guadalajara Sports

From traditional Mexican hobbies such as charrio modern soccer and baseball, Guadalajara is the perfect place for all types of athletes. For sports lovers, Guadalajara is home to 2 football teams. Guadalajara hosts the Mexican National Charro Championship, which is celebrated as part of the Charreria Festival and International Mariachi in September. Lucha Libre shows will be held at the Guadalajara Coliseum in downtown Guadalajara on Tuesday and Sunday nights. You can see some very popular Chivas or the most ingenious atlas to spend quality moments.

Olimpus 7

The Olimpus 7 Sports Centers chain is one of Mexico’s most popular sports channels. Indeed, according to their website, it has a total of 11 sites in the capital, all offering excellent service, first-class equipment and the opportunity to hire a qualified referee if you want to increase the usability a little more than that.

Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most famous tourist communities that welcome international guests with a warm welcome. It,  along the coast, where the Sierra de Vallejo meets the Pacific Ocean. With some of Mexico’s most exclusive beaches, hotels, restaurants, and spa centers make it a paradise for tourists. This 5 km of coastline with golden beaches offer many sports activities such as golf and surfing. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mexico among Canadians and Americans.

Nuevo Vallarta

Los Cabos Beaches

The two cities of Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are associated with beautiful white sand beaches known as Los Cabos beaches. These beaches attract more than two million visitors each year and are very popular in water sports such as fishing, whale watching, and water cycling.  These lively beaches are full of vitality throughout the year and can offer you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Los cabos beaches

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