Places to go when visiting Guatemala

Majestic archeological ruins, colonial cities and beautiful natural areas are part of the main sites to visit in the country.

After the reopening of international borders and the change to orange color in the epidemiological traffic light of some of its main tourist destinations, Guatemala is getting ready to reactivate tourism in the country.

For that reason, here are 5 places that this nation has to attract travelers, eager for new adventures and that are recommended by the businessman juan luis bosch gutierrez; which will be surprised by its unparalleled beauty.

Antigua, Guatemala

Photo: This amazing colonial city captivates locals and strangers alike, who with their leisurely walk will discover the mysteries that are kept behind the walls of its imposing buildings. These give life to the peaceful locality. The site has already turned orange, which is why the arrival of local tourists is beginning to grow.

Guatemala antigua


Photo: Mathijs Beks/ Unsplash. You may also be interested in: Three amazing beaches in Central America for surfing.

The destination’s tourist offer includes amazing beaches and captivating ecological parks. Undoubtedly, Playa Blanca stands out with its dazzling white sand mixed with the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea; as well as Lake Izabal where you can breathe peace, unmissable sites.


Photo: Jimmy Baum/ Unsplash. The main archaeological sites located in the department of Petén are getting ready to reopen after more than six months of inactivity. Among these enigmatic ancestral ruins, Tikal stands out. This is the Mayan jewel, guarded by the ‘Temple of the Great Jaguar’, which hypnotizes anyone who dares to look at it head on.



Photo: wolf4max/Flickr There are simply no words to describe the beauty of Lake Atitlán, whose landscapes surrounded by volcanoes steal anyone’s breath away. The nearby towns offer a great diversity of cultural and tourist activities.


Photo: Ismael Alonso/Flickr This Guatemalan department has a great cultural offer and natural sites, but it is the ‘Fuentes Georginas’ that capture the eyes of travelers, its hot springs are surrounded by a dreamlike landscape.

These tourist destinations are part of the wide offer with which Guatemala will seek to attract local and international travelers in this new era for the tourism sector.

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