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The cheapest places to visit in Mexico

Mexico has long been a popular place for cheap holidays, but it can also be expensive in places like Cancun. If you are looking for an experience that goes beyond these luxury hotels, you will find many great destinations where the dollar extends much further.  These inexpensive holiday resorts, in particular, offer some of the best travel values ​​and many provide the opportunity to enjoy an authentic aspect of Mexican life. So what are you waiting for, book cheap flights to Mexico now.


Port of Loreto

Loreto is the oldest Baja’s settlement, offering many opportunities for history buffs, comprising of the ancient cave paintings and historic churches. Enjoy an authentic Mexican atmosphere combined with colourful traditions and rich heritage with access to beautiful beaches, coves and uninhabited islands that offer the opportunity to dive, swim, kayak, sail or take a dip in the sunbath. You can see dolphins and whales around De Loreto National Park.

Xilitla San luis Potosí

Xilitla Ruins

Xilitla is enclosed by lush forests full of waterfalls and swimming halls, but the biggest attraction is the English artist Edward James Park, who was abandoned and declared as a national cultural heritage in the year 2012.  Las Pozas, a beautiful garden consists of turquoise waterfalls and springs with spiral staircases leading nowhere,   bridges, sculptures and decorative columns.


Cholula located next to Puebla city but offers much better value to budget-minded holidaymakers. Enjoy a vibrant nightlife and all kinds of attractions, including the largest pyramid, preHispanic Tepanapa Pyramid. Tourists can climb to the top and travel through the tunnels below. Staying here is also an excellent base point for visiting the beautiful villages of Acatepec and Tonantzintla.

Playa del Carmen Cancun

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the most visited places in Mexico. It is relatively close to the Cancun International Airport, but it is an excellent destination for those wishing to enjoy a beach without having to pay high prices. You can expect endless coral reefs, palm trees,   restaurants and nightclubs and enjoy activities such as swimming and diving.

San Sebastian Bernal

La Peña de Bernal towers above the small town at its base and represents the entrance to the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. Located at an altitude of 300 meters, La Peña is a difficult challenge, and the summit can only be reached by experienced mountaineers.  Courageous visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Sierra Gorda.

Bacalar Mexico Cancun


Known as the seven-coloured lake, Bacalar is often outshined by its neighbours on the beach of the Yucatan Peninsula. However, this small town and the natural beauty that surrounds it are the perfect places to escape the hustle and bustle of the coast. Bacalar is four and a half hours drive from Cancún, near the border with Belize, a hippie gathering place where a short stopover can become an adventure for a full week of snorkelling and swim in waters turquoise.

Get ready for a fun-filled experience and book cheap flights to Mexico as soon as possible.

Importance of Mayan Calendar you need to know

Keeping calendar is not a new thing. Oldest calendar in the world is about 10,000 old. People are using calendar to remember days, time and events in their history. It is true that the whole world is following AD calendar today but that was not the case few hundred years ago. Every civilization had their own calendar and they were following their calendars to remember their historical events. In this article we will talk about Mayan Calendar.


Mayan calendar is one of the oldest calendar. It is around 3000 years old. The first year of Mayan calendar was in the 1st century BC. The origin of this calendar is found in Olmec civilization. This calendar is one of the most important calendars in the world. The Olmec Priest were so accurate in their calculation that even modern calendar is 1000 days less accurate that this calendar. Still people are using this calendar to check the accuracy of modern calendars. This calendar is more complex calendar than any calendar in the world. This calendar is still used in some cities of Mexico like Cancun. Hence, next time you visit Cancun with some Cancun cheap flights then you can ask some locals about it.

Astronomy Tower Maya


There calendar is not like an ordinary calendar. The month of a Maya calendar is shown in a circle of 20 days. They have two years conceding with each other. Their 365 days are called haab. 260th day of the year is a Sacred round for them. In our calendar, we call 100 years a century, but their century is 52 years and they call it bundle. They have complete twenty names for each day in a 20th day month meaning they don’t have any concept of weeks. Many of their day’s name are inspired by their animal Gods. Their days are called:

  1. Imix
  2. Ik
  3. Akbal
  4. Kan
  5. Chicchan
  6. Cimi
  7. Manik
  8. Lamat
  9. Muluc
  10. Oc
  11. Chuen
  12. Eb
  13. Ben
  14. Ix
  15. Men
  16. Cib
  17. Caban
  18. Eiznab
  19. Cauac
  20. Ahau


This calendar is full of surprises. No one knows how this calendar came into being. This is highly possible that this calendar may tie some events like configuration of mars and appearance of Venus. This calendar even explains the interval between conception and birth of a human body.


Mayan calendar is no doubt the highest achievement of Maya civilization. This calendar is very important even today. This is 1000 days more accurate than our modern calendar. This was the calendar that predicted the end of time back in 2012. Still people use it to predict many things in the future.

Every civilization has their achievements and Maya had Mayan calendar as their achievement. This calendar is still used by many people in Mexico. They set their events and cultural festivals according to this calendar.

Why the arch of Los Cabos is at the danger of dissapearing?

Believe it or not but global warming is the real issue. Our world is changing due to this. North pole is melting and sea level is rising at alarming pace. Due to these events, many coastal areas are at danger of disappearing. It is said that many small countries and island may disappear in few years (If this happened with the Caribbean, I would buy one of the flights to Cancun on my next vacation). The whole world is talking about this issue but no one is doing anything for it. It feels like that we all are waiting for doomsday to come.  A small rocky island called Los Cabos is also at the danger of disappearing.


The Los Cabos is a small island. It is nothing but a rock formation. It is situated between the Mexico and California. The Los Cabos is very famous among the locals for its distinctive formation. It is locally known as El Arco. It is exactly at the place where pacific ocean becomes the gulf of California. But sadly it is said that this beautiful rock formation will disappear in few months or years.


This place is very important for tourism purposes. The place is also known as the end of the earth. People around the world visit this place to catch the real beauty of nature. The rock formation like this is never found anywhere else in the world. This is exactly the location where the pacific ocean becomes the gulf of California. If you want to visit it then do it as soon as possible because maybe in the future you will not be able to see it. Find some cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta and from there you can visit Los Cabos via local transport.


The one of the reason behind the possible disappearance of this rock is rising level of sea but another is the heavy tides and cyclones. In recent years, researchers have found that this rock is getting weaker day by day due to heavy cyclones and tides of the oceans. The researchers also claimed the weakness in the core rock may cause the whole rock to collapse. It is only the matter of time when this happens. It is said that if another hurricane or a storm hits the rock, the rock will collapse and will never be seen again.


We cannot fight nature right? Hence, we should accept the truth that mother nature gives what she wants to give and takes away what she wants to take away. The Los Cabos will go away in few years and people will not be able to see it again. it is advised that don’t visit this place during high tide because it is becoming dangerous every other day. You can see the amazing dying rock from far away and say good bye to it. We hope that some miracle happens and this rock stands still because in the end, we can only hope.