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Best hiking locations in Mexico

Mexico is not famous for its hiking spots but still, it has a lot of hiking options that world should know. From the last decade, Mexico was trying to get his place in the race of best holiday destination. Today, Mexico is one of the best tourist places in the world. People use to take Puerto Vallarta cheap flights and visit different places and towns of Mexico. For exploring new places and hiking options, you must consider this article. Today, we are going to discuss few places that are considered best for the hiking in Mexico. Let’s check them out.

These are one of the most prominent locations who are best for hiking in Mexico. Let’s follow them one by one:

1.     Copper Canyon:

The Copper Canyon is really a misnomer – it ought to be pluralized, as the Copper Canyon go is comprised of six separate gorge with the Tararecua Canyon apparently the best for climbing, because of the warm springs at the base. In any case, this approx. five-day climbing trail was positioned truly outstanding on the planet by National Geographic and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. Slicing directly through the northern province of Chihuahua, it joins indigenous culture with some fantastic landscape and harsh wild.

Desierto de los Leones Woods Mexico

2.     Desierto de los Leones:

One of Mexico City’s generally well known and appealing climbing spots is the fairly inauspiciously named Desierto de los Leones (Lion Desert, truly). Not to stress however, as you’re undeniably bound to see swarms of climbers, bikers and families handling the rough trails of this awesome national park, than you are to see lions wandering among the trees. The trails to be found here range from moderate to troublesome; however all are effectively found and pursued. One of the most testing climbs heads to the recreation center’s most elevated pinnacle, Cerro San Miguel, which times in at 12,400 feet above ocean level.

1.     Iztaccíhuatl (Ixtacimhuatl)

This is the idle portion of Mexico’s arrangement of twin volcanoes (the neighboring Popocatépetl emitted in 1994) and it makes for a well-known climbing spot, albeit just among the more experienced and physically competent. While the summit is available to climbing endeavors, it can demonstrate deadly and the height demonstrates severe, so don’t drive yourself more distant than you feel ready to on the two-day climb to Iztaccíhuatl.

Iztaccihuatl Mexico

2.     Chipinque:

This northern common park, situated in Monterrey, Nuevo León, is honored with an abundance of brilliant climbing courses that will please experienced stars and acquaint novices with the universe of open air wellness. While the official Chipinque site has three suggested trails total with maps, there are undeniably more that you can embrace yourself over the 50km span of this regular park. Chipinque certainly demonstrates another side to mechanical Monterrey.

Mexicans and people from all over the world book their flights and come to visit this heaven on earth called Mexico. Enjoy the hiking experience with your friends.

Everything you need to know about Mezcal

Are you an alcohol fanatic and have a taste for alcoholic drinks? Do you spend your evening hanging out at the bar, chilling and having drinks with your friends? And on top of that, are you from a Mexican origin? If so, then you probably would have come across Mezcal, somewhere in your life. If not, you need to book those flights to Mexico City, and try one out – with your friends!

What is a Mezcal?

Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage made from Agave distillate. Agave is a plant and is native to the arid and semiarid regions of America, particularly Mexico and Caribbean. Around one hundred and fifty species of Agave exist that are native to Mexico, and the taste of Mezcal depends on the type of Agave distillate used to make that Mezcal. Mezcal lies in the umbrella category (drinks that use a cocktail umbrella)

Types of Mezcal:

Different types of Mezcals are differentiated from one another according to the type of Agave used to manufacture them.

  • Espadin: this type of Agave accounts for approximately 90% of all the Mezcals produced. Slight change of taste might occur as one moves from brand to brand but the basic taste of this Mezcal stays the same.
  • Tobala: the Mezcal produced from Tobala is very expensive as this is a very rare species of the Agave. Tobala usually grows in the wild and at high altitudes. Mezcal made from Tobala has a fruity blend to it.
  • Tobaziche: this variety of Agave can look and taste very different depending as to where it is grown. Different regions have their own different names for this kind of Agave. This Agave too is harvested in the wild.
  • Tepeztate: this form of agave can take up to thirty years to grow fully, hence, Mezcal made from Tepeztate has most irregular supply in the market. However, a Tepeztate Mezcal has a very intense flavor.
  • Arroqueno: Mezcal made from this Agave has a spicy and bitter chocolate taste to it.

Mezcal is first cooked in earthen pits and then distilled in clay pots.

Mezcal varietys of agave plant

Mezcal is not a Tequila!

Tequila too is an alcoholic drink and it is commonly confused with Mezcal, owing to a similar origin. It is said that every tequila is a Mezcal, however, every Mezcal is not a Tequila. Why is this so? This is so because tequila specifically is made from a special kind of Agave plant, that is, the Blue Agave. Drinks made from all other distillates of agaves are Mezcals.

Even though both of these drinks originate from the agave plant, they have a slightly different manufacturing process. Tequila is first steamed inside industrial ovens and then distilled several times inside copper pots. Whereas, Mezcal is first cooked in earthen pits and then distilled in clay pots.

Mezcal and plants

Mezcal is one of the most common alcoholic drink served in America. With several kinds of Mezcals existing, owing to different kinds of Agave plants, one can enjoy a Mezcal that suits his or her taste. After a hectic day, one can sit in a bar and give their taste buds a smoky twist with the Mezcal of their liking. Oh, and one can enjoy this on another of those flights to Mexico city the next time they come here.


Personal care recommendations you need to consider while visiting Mexico

Tips to Celebrate Radish Light

Well, when you come to the Mexico City, you find so many things that you can enjoy, there are various unique festivals you can participate in and learn about them in detail. For instance, you are looking for the flights to Mexico City from Toronto, you will see that there are so many people who are booking for the radish lights festival in this country. It is not simple and easy to get there, but you can still find a way. Well, now, more important than getting your flight to Mexico, the knowledge about the event and how you can celebrate it best is more important. Here we are going to share with you the points that will help you celebrate the radish light better than other people, even more than the Mexicans.

  1. The origin of the nights of radish light date back very old times. So, the first tip that you have to follow is to get the knowledge about this event at first. All of this can be improved if you study about it in detail before you get to this place and attend this event. This is going to surely help you a lot in this regard because you will be able to truly enjoy the happenings at this place if you know the previous background knowledge about it.
  2. The event of radish lights takes place exactly on 23rd of December every year. This is the time of Christmas and the chances are high that so many people will be free to attend it. All that you need to do is to make sure you come here in advance of the starting season of the event. Never book flights right before the mina day, rather come here few days before and explore the place. In this way you will know that which place is the best to enjoy it, and celebrate it to your fullest.
  3. Another tip to celebrate the radish lights in Mexico City is also simple, and that is about hiring the guides for it. Yes, you can guide the people who are native to this place and they will take you to various places where the radish lights are enjoyed by people at most. This will help you in many ways because your mind will be free, you would not have to hustle about getting the bookings, no need to research in advance about the places because the guide will guide you all the way through your trip.

person doing a radish craft

The flights to Mexico City from Toronto are not easy to book when the season of radish festival is at its peak because so many people from all over the world are coming here and attending it. So, all you have to do is to book your flights earlier than others, get enough knowledge about it, and make sure that the knowledge about various things related to it are enough in your mind so that you can enjoy the event at your best.

Common business opportunities to look for in Mexico

There might be different people taking flights to Mexico City from Toronto or any region on this planet for visiting purposes, but there is also some sort of people for sure that travel to Mexico City for business purpose. No doubt there are tons of fun things to do in Mexico but also there are lots of business opportunities for people over there.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the common business opportunities that you can look for in Mexico and establish a well-growing business over there.

1.    Technology

One of the most common and popular kinds of businesses that you can establish in Mexico by taking flights to Mexico city to Toronto or any place is technology. Since technology is advancing day by day, but in Mexico, it is way beyond advancing. There are tons of people in Mexico that acknowledge the importance of this thing and they get to need such places where their problems can be solved, no matter those problems are related to hardware or software. In this case, you can establish a technology-related business like mobile or desktop devices repairing shop or a multinational software company, you will have a great edge in both cases.

Code background

2.    Restaurant

Another one of the greatest business opportunities that you can get in Mexico city is through the restaurant. Since most of the people in Mexico love to eat food and they are intended to try a different kinds of food items related to any other region of this planet. They search for different restaurants that offer a particular kind of food and they love to eat there. In this case, you can easily establish your restaurant in Mexico City. All you just have to offer great taste and uniqueness to your food and you will get great growth in your restaurant business.

Restaurants in Mexico city

3.    Bars or Coffee Shops

Another one of the great business idea to establish in Mexico city is opening a bar or coffee shop over there. Similar to restaurants and other foody points in Mexico, bars and coffee shops are also quite popular among people. There are lots of Mexicans that love to spend their night at bars and day at coffee shops. They like to hang out with their friends and enjoy to reduce the stress of their daily life. in this case, your bar or coffee shop and easily grow in Mexico and can offer you a great revenue per year.

Bar restaurant

4.    Import/Export

Import/export is also a great business opportunity to establish in Mexico. If you are a foreigner and took flights to Mexico from Toronto or any other place, you simply start import/export business by importing your regional products to Mexico and exporting Mexican traditional items to your region. In this case, both places have a chance to have traditional things that belong to other places, which will lead you to great success.

So, consider all of these business opportunities and make sure to establish any of them to do successful business in Mexico City.

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Amazing worm dishes in mexico

Amazing worm dishes in mexico

The world is full of surprises. We often discover unwanted and unexplainable things especially when we talking about strange foods, people use to eat several things that are not allow eating in civilized countries. I was unaware of such types of foods that I can’t imagine in my plate but when I visit to Mexico, it has changed my mind. The Mexican gastronomy is incomplete without worm dishes. Its sound strange but when you try these dishes first, you will love to have them. For such exciting experience, you need to take any flights to cancun and reached here. Today, we are going to discuss the amazing worm dishes in Mexico. Let’s check it out.

Amazing worm dishes in Mexico:

1.      Gusanos de (Maguey Worms)

Maguey is the agave plant that used in several drinks like:

  1. Tequila
  2. Pulque
  3. Mezcal

Used in many other customary Mexican mixed drinks. It has specific and really a parasitic caterpillar (moth hatchling) that lives on the plant. He is often found in its leaves and roots. The worms are either whitish with darker tips or ruddy in shading; the red assortment is known as chinicuiles. Just a couple of worms can be collected from each plant and simply after the plant has developed for quite a long while and consequently is fit to be reaped; in this way, maguey worms will in general be very uncommon and costly. They can be eatable at specific time after get develop.

worms in mexico

2.      Chapulines (Grasshoppers)

Numerous types of grasshopper-like creepy crawlies are prized in Mexico for their protein substance and flavor; they are here and there brought deliberately up in horse feed fields as a nourishment source. In size, they change from as little as a grain of rice on up to the size of an enormous cricket.

Not at all like numerous eatable bugs recorded here, chapulines will in general be moderately cheap, and in this way open to the normal Mexican. They are bubbled, at that point toasted or singed and sold by road sellers as a bite, it can be serve with

  1. Quesadillas (particularly in Oaxaca)
  2. In tacos
  3. Sprinkled on guacamole
  4. Use in different dishes as a topping
  5. Serve in the bars with several drinks

chapulines taco

3.      Escamoles (Ant Larvae)

The hatchlings of this specific insect species can be found in underground homes a few feet underneath the surface. They are whitish in shading and look similar to puffed rice.

Escamoles were a regular piece of the old Mexican eating routine; these days, however, they are to some degree difficult to find and considered an incredible colorful delicacy (read: costly) when they become accessible during their short spring season. So, don’t waste your time and book flights to cancun for an amazing adventure.

escamoles dish


Local drinks you will only find in Mexico

Mexico is the home to some of the best cuisines in the world and the drinks scene in Mexico is no different. Whether you’re looking for tequila or a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail made from tropical fruit juices, you will find everything and is one of the reasons to book Montreal to Cancun flights.

Here are some of the best local drinks you will only enjoy in Mexico


Start the day with a traditional Mexican drink for breakfast with this blend of water,   vanilla, cinnamon, corn and piloncillo. You may not find this drink in the commercial restaurants; instead, you will find it at the street vendors.



Among the famous beverages of Mexico, renowned is very renowned. It is perhaps cinnamon and vanilla rice water. It’s a delicious Mexican classic to try on your next trip to the south.


The favourite cocktail of all, the classic margarita, is an essential drink of Mexico. The traditional recipe is served mixed with lemon juice and tequila, and served in a glass with a sugared edge to relieve bitterness. You can try different flavours, from mango to cranberries.



For those who love tequila and prefer alcohol other than a deadly drink, Paloma is the ideal choice for a gentler tequila kick. Made with grapefruit soda, white tequila, ice cream and served with a slice of lime, it’s a refreshing Mexican classic that you will not want to miss.

Mexican wines

The wine industry in Mexico has been booming in recent years. There will be excellent reds and whites that you can try on your next vacation. Mexico has 3 wine regions, La Laguna in Coahuila and Durango, and the central region including   Aguascalientes, Queretaro and Zacatecas.

mexican wines


Tuba is made by fermenting stem sap of numerous types of palm, especially the coconut. First, it has a brown colour, but it turns white. Its flavour is sweet, and its consistency is viscous. Similar drinks are consumed in other parts of the world, such as   Malaysia, Ghana, Philippines and South Africa.


Pozol is one of the famous drinks of Mexico, and that’s why it is included in this list. It is a combination of fermented maize paste, cocoa beans, sugar, and water which is best served with  ice. Not to be confused with the pozole that is a traditional Mexican dish, it is drunk sweet and slightly cheerful from morning till night. It’s more than a thirst quencher. According to the indigenous communities, this drink also has many treatment properties.

oaxaca pozol


Fermented drinks are everyone’s favourite in Mexico. Tepache is famous in the centre of the country. Tepache includes fermenting sweet fruit pulp and juice such as tuna, guava, pineapple or orange. Then add a touch of brown sugar, and it is ready. Drinking a delicious beer is less than one degree of alcohol.

Consider the available Montreal to Cancun flights as early as possible and enjoy local drinks in Mexico.

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The best Mexican coffee you should enjoy

Are you a coffee lover? And wondering the best Mexican coffee in Mexico? You must know about the best Mexican coffee brands. It is your choice to choose the one according to your taste. In Mexico, the cultivation of coffee is not done but still you can find the number of outstanding and famous coffee brands there.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

It is US-based coffee with the delicious taste so someone shouldn’t miss if he is in Mexico. This brand is just perfect that also offer several other products too. The Chiapas coffee and a dark Mexican coffee are its famous types. Their selling of unroasted beans and Mexican coffee in shuck is much common there.

Mexican coffee

Volcanica, Mexican Coffee

Its outstanding coffee beans are the reason of its great taste. This is most commonly used type of coffee because of its medium acidity. You will be inspired by its smooth body. Roasted hazelnuts is the reason of its great taste and flavor. Do you wish to have balanced and clean coffee cup? No choice is better than choosing this coffee. This product will be roasted when you will place the order from the authentic platform.

Dancing Moon Coffee

Do you wish to get the crisp acidity? Don’t forget to take this coffee. Its nutty flavor is just delicious. Its ingredients contain brown sugar, cashews, cocoa and citrus which makes it over delicious to take. This coffee has syrupy body.

Mexican Custepec SHG Coffee

These coffee beans are totally organic. In each pack, 340 grams of coffee beans will present. This packing is easy to use as it contains zip lock so there is no worry of wastage while opening. It has chocolate scent and you will feel its great fragrance when you will inhale it.

Café Garat

This coffee is 100% government coffee and it is extracted from the best regions of Mexico. This is the excellent coffee that someone shouldn’t miss. This coffee has perfect taste and flavor which can’t be competed with the other coffee brands in the world.

You should research to find out affordable montreal to cancun flights. If you wish to have affordable tours it could only be possible if you will look for the discounts and offers that different airlines offer.


Cuisines found in Cancun you will not get around the world

Cancun is perceived as a head vacationer goal, for its amazing inns and civilities, yet besides for its flavorful and differing food. The Cancun cheap flights bring you here to taste the best cooking on the planet. Because of the social blend of guests and inhabitants, just as its high populace development rates; this side of the Caribbean has turned into gourmet heaven. Its culinary personality was created through consolidating the elements of Mexican food, including legitimate strengths from the Yucatan Peninsula, with dishes from different nations, to enjoy even the most observing of palates.

Regardless of whether in the Hotel Zone or the downtown territory, a culinary visit is a lovely voyage of flavors. The alternatives are immense and open to all spending limits.

Cuisines that you found in Cancun you will not get around the world:

Here are the best dishes from Cancun cuisine.

1.      Papadzules:

These can be served in an assortment of ways, which incorporates pork, chicken, egg or cheddar. It is a delicate and rich dish that has a charming smell.

2.      Cochinita Pibil:

Likely the most well-known and looked for after Yucatan dish, the cochinita pibil can be requested at Zama café. Pork is marinated in achiote glue, habanero peppers, and red onions. It is generally arranged in banana leaves and afterward filled in as a sub sandwich or taco.

Cochinita Pibil

3.      Huevos Motulenos:

The Huevos Motulenos is a dish that previously begun in Motul, a Yucatan city. It is a customary breakfast that is served in many places in the Yucatan. The dish incorporates two fricasseed eggs presented with dark beans and bested with tomato sauce and hot salsa on a bed of tortillas. Like the customary huevos rancheros.

4.      Panuchos Yucatecos:

The Panuchos Yucatecos dish can frequently be found at nearby taco remains in Cancun and all through the Yucatan. It comprises of refried beans beat with chicken, onion, lettuce, tomato sauce, avocado, and cheddar. They are extraordinary for a tidbit or a supper.

5.      Lime Soup:

This Sopa de Lima is made with neighborhood limes which are better than most assortments and not as tart. The soup additionally incorporates garlic, cilantro, chicken, and avocado with a dash of salt.

lima soup

Bottom line:

The Cancun cheap flights will bring you here at Cancun city where you can spend your holidays. Here you can also taste the best cuisines of the Cancun.

The Best Restaurants in Mexico You Should Visit

Anywhere I go, food is my first priority and when it comes to having experience of best Spanish food Mexico became my destination for that. Even before booking flights to Mexico City, I decided to make a list of best restaurants that I will visit while touring to Mexico. I hope this would be helpful for you too if you are visiting Mexico for the first time.

Street Vendors of Mexico:

There are more than 16 ethnic groups live in different areas of Mexico City hence food you find here has diverse tastes and very rare and different in flavors than rest of the world. When you will book your flights to Mexico City, keep your list of restaurants to visit along with you. Mexico City is famous for its ethnic culture. Make sure to taste some food from the street vendors to give your buds a treat.

El Pendulo:

This restaurant is dedicated to provide healthy and sumptuous breakfast to its visitors. It is a famous food destination in Mexico City that offers crispy breads, fluffy pancakes, and lightly fried eggs for breakfast. They use ethnical recipes for making breakfast while the ingredients of different dishes are freshly grown in gardens and backed in the kitchen. It has plenty of options of morning beverages and shakes along with various types of coffee and tea are available.

El Guero:

El Guero is a tasty place that’s always filled with people. I literally had to make way to the counter by elbowing the people on my sides. The restaurant is always filled with people including locals and international customers. El Guero is known as Tacos Hola among locals and while booking flights to Mexico City when I asked people about which restaurant should I visit, they simply said El Guero.


Rosetta is a place for those people who want to check some different type of food that differs in the taste than Mexican food. It offers sumptuous Italian cuisines made by using ingredients of London, Mexico, and Italy. The chef and owner of the restaurant is graduate from London and loves to do experiments with dishes. I found an amalgamation of ethnic and modern tastes while trying Rosetta recipes.

Now, you have done with making the list of restaurants that you should visit; it is time to book your flights to Mexico City.