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How are Sumpango’s kites made?

The giant kites of Sumpango are a tradition -of local origin-, dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Guatemalans appreciate the wonders of these pieces of art, but little is known about their elaboration.

How are the giant kites of Sumpango made?

Unlike smaller-scale kites, which require a maximum of two people to make them, the giant kites of Sumpango are a collective tradition.

That is to say, it requires groups of at least 10 to 15 young people of different ages -on average 16 years old- to make them.

Although age is not a strict requirement, an approach is made to youth given their motor skills and strength to lift these pieces of art made of Chinese paper.

The work for their elaboration can begin between 2 to 3 months in advance in which each group meets to organize themselves. The Permanent Kite Committee of Sumpango is in charge of laying the foundations and final themes for the creation of the kites.

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Kites in Sumpango

Categories of the giant kites of Sumpango

During the meetings and prior to defining a design, a category of participation is also established. To define to which category it belongs, the design, size and flight are taken into account.

Exhibition kites

  • A complex design, but whose objective is to be observed and appreciated.
  • They are usually larger, reaching up to 16 meters in diameter.
  • Therefore, since they are so large, it is understood that they will not fly.

Competition kites

  • Outstanding for their complex design
  • A size between 4 to 6 meters in diameter
  • Their ability to fly and stay in the sky for several minutes.

Kites in Sumpango 2

Curious facts

  • It is estimated that the kites can cost up to Q2,000.00 due to the complexity of the designs and the quality of the materials.
  • The winning group can win a cash prize.
    The complexity of the size was not important between 1900 and 1991. Generally, it was no larger than 6 meters in diameter.
  • However, from 1992 onwards, the size grew to over 10 meters in diameter.
  • Many groups take advantage of this opportunity to use designs that identify their indigenous community or even their Mayan roots.
  • Geometric figures are the best to glide through the skies.

The giant kites of Sumpango are a tradition that everybody enjoys in Guatemala. event the president of cmi juan luis bosch gutierrez . Be one of them by atttending it on your next trip.


Guatemala, heart of the Mayan world

Guatemala with its richness and diversity offers numerous ways to enjoy your vacations or business trips, such as juan luis bosch gutierrez does, because you can find in one place different segments of tourism, in its seven mayan wonderful regions.

Guatemala, modern and colonial

Guatemala City is the most thriving city in Central America, with modern buildings and business centers.

in contrast, La Antigua Guatemala, a colonial and romantic city, is a mixture of ancient buildings and deep-rooted customs and traditions.

Guatemala City is the most modern and cosmopolitan of the Central American region. It is an ideal place for congresses and conventions, golf, medical treatments, shopping malls, among other activities.

It is a must to visit its Historical Center, with more than 200 years of existence, recommended its cathedral, its emblematic buildings, churches and museums, a reflection of the historical evolution of the country.

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2. Altiplano, living mayan culture

It offers the perfect combination of natural beauty, spectacular mountain scenery and traditions of the living Mayan culture.

The most deeply rooted indigenous culture is in the Altiplano. Its pine forests and active volcanoes allow for hiking, canopy and ecotourism. The western region offers a folkloric display that unites pre-Columbian cosmogony with the customs of the conquistadors.

It is a perfect combination of natural beauties such as Lake Atitlán and traditions such as the Chichicastenango market, famous for its color and extension.

The representation of millenary traditions and experiences of the Mayan people are reflected in each habit inherited from the historical ancestral diversity of the region, from where the Popol Vuh, sacred book of the Mayan people, was born.

3. Petén, adventure in the mayan world

It is the largest department of Guatemala, with a territorial extension of 35,854 square kilometers.

The island city of Flores is the seat of the departmental capital and the starting point to the different tourist attractions.

It has an unparalleled historical value for its archaeological wealth, its fauna and its biosphere reserve. Its important archaeological sites make this region the most important of the Mayan World.

4. Izabal, a green caribean

With its original charm, rich ecosystems and the joy of the Garífuna culture, it offers an encounter with a Caribbean of exuberant natural beauty.

The representation of diversity in all its splendor is reflected in the Green Caribbean, with rich ecosystems that are the habitat of diverse species.

5. Verapaces, natural paradise

It is characterized by caves, lush forests, unique waterfalls, natural pools and a variety of flora and fauna. For that reason, many great enviromental projects have been implemented such as green bonds.

Its territory is ideal for people who enjoy extreme sports, outdoor recreation and community tourism.

From the ascent to the humid forest of its mountains; the visit to the routes of the Biotopo del Quetzal, where by participating in a photographic safari you will be able to capture in your lens the national bird the “Quetzal”; the tour through each one of its extensive and long caves, among them those of Lanquín or Candelaria.

In short, Guatemala is the heart of the mayan world for it has many ruins and arqueoliogical sites to visit and enjoy. Do not wait any longer to go there.

Culture and Art of Mexico Hidden from The World

If you are able to get the cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto, you have to avail of this opportunity for sure.

This is because Mexico is that country in the world that has its unique art and culture that is totally designed and evolved by the people over there.

To explore it, to learn something good from them, to research about them, or to simply enjoy their art and culture, you have to visit this place.

For those who are unable to go there have the option of our article where they will find a lot of information about its culture and art.

Culture of Mexico

Ruins of El Rey in Cancun

The culture of Mexico is very rich, and just like any other country, they have so many traditions and festivals that they follow religiously in this region.

Let us learn about them in the section given below.

  1. The Family culture of Mexico is very popular and strong. Unlike other parts of Europe and in the USA where the family does not lie together most of the time, the situation in this place is quite different. They have family and then extended family members too which include their cousins and friends.
  2. Hosting parties is the culture in this country where they invite tourists and visitors to their homes, host them parties, help them with food and even money sometimes.
  3. There is one of the most popular festivals in the region that is celebrated by people every year. It is the celebration of the 15th birthday of a Lady in which she is given the tribute of being strong from childhood to her adulthood. It is a kind of women empowerment gesture that they celebrate as their festival.

Art of Mexico

Mural from the Street Museum

The arts of Mexico are as good as the art of any other country and is even richer compared to its culture. Let us explore and confirm how is it so.

  1. Clay pottery art is very common in Mexico, and many people have their livelihood associated with it too.
  2. Cotton garments and woolen shawls are embraided with the very fine thread also show the artistic side of the country people.
  3. Mexican folk music is one of its types and that is something very soothing for the ears, so that is another hallmark of its art section that one can explore on coming here.
  4. The famous artists of Mexico have great paintings in which vibrant colors are used and they are of many types from abstract to landscape and sketches.

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Impressive ruins of Tulum

In most part of the year, the bookings are done before time but a few instances they declare it suddenly so you may better garb that opportunity to go and explore the culture and art of this beautiful place.

In most of the places in the world, the culture and art of Mexico are still unknown.

So, you can become a source of exploring and spreading it.


Unique Mexican traditions even tourists have to follow

Mexico is a beautiful city that is filled with a lot of traditions, and cultural events that people from all over the world come over to see.
Although Mexico is very open to its tourists, there are still a lot of unique traditions that are set place in Mexico, that even tourists from another land have to follow. If you are looking to travel to Mexico, a cheap way would be to travel to Toronto first, and then to Cancun, and then find a flight to Mexico from there. There are cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto available easily.

Here are some of those traditions:

Bull Fighting

Bull fighting or Charreria is one of the most amusing and fun events in all of Mexico. This tradition has been gaining so much traction in the recent years that almost everyone who has at least heard of Mexico might relate Mexico with bull fighting.
Bull fighting is a unique tradition that everyone has to get into, no matter what they are doing. It’s a fully public event.

Bullfights in a mexican arena

Las Posadas

Las Posadas is one of the more religious events, which commemorate the experiences of Mary and Joseph as they made their way to Bethlehem. People come together with drinks and traditional food. Usually, if the event is celebrated in a family, one child is blessed with the title of “angel”, and that child has to bear the responsibility of carrying Mary & Joseph’s statues with their family members.

Mexcan Family in a posada


Piñatas are the ultimate manifesto that even violence can lead to a fun event. Piñata exploding has become a very popular event not only in Mexico, but even outside Mexico. Piñatas are basically dolls made of paper, and are filled with candies or trinkets. Typically, a child is chosen, and then blindfolded, while given a hammer or bat. The child has to follow everyone’s instructions, or trust their natural instincts, and hit the piñata with force enough to completely destroy the doll itself.

Day of the Dead

In order to commemorate the souls that have departed from this physical realm onto another realm, Mexico has this beautiful event of the day of the dead. In this event, everyone remembers their beloved ones through family or friends’ gatherings. This event is not supposed to be a sad event, but is actually celebrated, because they believe that the dead “awake and celebrate with them”.

The Day of the dead is  called Día de  Muertos.

Mexican day of the day ofrenda

San Marcos Fair

The San Marcos fair is a 2-century old tradition. It is a beautiful day where people get themselves drunk on food, music, dance, beer and absolutely everything that a man could possibly get drunk on.

San Marcos Fair is also a family friendly event, because if you are not interested in getting drunk, you can go watch that horse show, or listen to mariachi music. It’s all up to you.

San Marcos Fair cartel

By utilizing those cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto, you might just be able to make it in time for the events that will lighten up your life.

Best Mexican carnivals you should not miss this year

The Mexican culture is very rich. Even you are non-Mexican, you can enjoy every carnival and festival in Mexico. This is the reason that the people use to take cancun cheap flights and visit different places in Mexico. Today, we are going to explore some of the best and big carnivals that held in Mexico every year. All of them are considering as the family events so, if you want to come with your family, you are more than welcome here. Let’s check out what would we have?


1.     Chapala

Set on Lake Chapala, the metropolitan seat remembers beguiling Victorian engineering for the midtown region. The Carnival festivities focus on the recreation center nearby the wharf, however the activity spreads to different towns on the north shore, for example, Ajijic and San Antonio Tlayacapan. Merriments incorporate rodeo occasions alongside music and moving, marches, fair rides and that’s just the beginning. Veiled male artists known as Sayacos wear wide caps and long facial hair, while others dress in drag, with wigs, globules and immensely cushioned bosoms. The Sayacos originate before the Spanish triumph of 1520.


2.     Autlan

The little town of Autlan in the territory of Jalisco observes Carnival in a major manner. Origination of guitarist Carlos Santana, its merriments focus on the bullfights, held in a unique field, while the music, moving and fun proceed in the avenues.

3.     Tlaxcala

This old city was established in 1525. Despite the fact that it is the state capital, the city isn’t huge. However its Carnival is one of the most excessive in Mexico. Richly dressed artists known as Huehues take their name from Huehueteotl, the Aztec divinity of astuteness and fire. While their covers are reasonable cleaned, their caps highlight the plumes of indigenous hoods. Tlaxcala’s scrumptious cooking has a solid pre-Hispanic impact.

Tlaxcala Carnival

4.     La Paz

This Carnival is located at La Paz, Baja California Sur and it’s a ten-day party in the lanes. Three celebration marches, the royal celebration of the King of Contentment and a bunch of melodic occasions keep spirits high. Set on a characteristic harbor on the Sea of Cortez, this town was established as a Jesuit crucial. Set aside a few minutes for whale watching and make certain to test the dazzling fish alongside Baja-Med food.

5.     Merida

The capital of Yucatan express, Merida’s pilgrim heart has an unmistakably French feel. In fact, until the mid-twentieth century, it was simpler to arrive at New Orleans via ocean than to make a trip from the Yucatan to Mexico City. Fair in the “White City” is a family issue with topic marches, a lord and sovereign, and salsa, mambo and cumbia moving. The Battle of the Flowers is “battled” with lavish tropical blooms. Try not to miss the stupendous Maya pyramids outside the city.


Mexican actors who got famous internationally

The entertainment industry is full of people who are belonging to different zone of the world but only art unite them. If we only talk about Hollywood, it is one of the big industries in the world with a lot of actors and actresses who are also belong to different countries. Today, we are going to discuss Mexican actors who got fame internationally. If you want to meet them, all you need is to take montreal to cancun flights and come here. Let’s check out.

Mexican actors who got famous internationally:

1.     Gael García Bernal:

Gael García Bernal is one of the incredible on-screen characters of today, as of late increasing basic recognition and a Golden Globe grant for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his job in Mozart in the Jungle in 2016. Amazon’s hit web arrangement additionally won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series. In 2017, García Bernal got another Golden Globe designation for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his job in the subsequent season. García Bernal has featured in innumerable movies including the all around commended highlight, Alfonso Cuarón’s Academy Award selected Y Tu Mamá También and The Motorcycle Diaries. García Bernal got a BAFTA and Satellite Award designation in 2005 for Best Actor for his work in the last mentioned. In 2006, García Bernal was perceived by BAFTA again with an assignment in the Rising Star class, recognizing new ability in the acting business. The film was likewise named for a 2017 Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language. Most as of late, García Bernal loaned his voice to the Pixar vivified include Coco, which was discharged in November 2017 and wrapped generation on the film The Kindergarten Teacher, debuting at Sundance in 2018. He is right now coordinating his subsequent element film, Chicuarotes.

Gael García at Golden Globes

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2.     Diego Luna:

Diego Luna was born in Mexico City, Mexico. His dad is Mexican and his mom was British, of Scottish and English drop. His mom kicked the bucket when Diego was just two, in an auto collision. He before long became inundated in his dad’s energy, diversion – Alejandro is the most acclaimed living theater, film and show set fashioner in Mexico.

Since the beginning he started acting working in television, films, and theater. His first TV job was in the film The Last New Year (1991). His youth closest companion and individual on-screen character Gael Garcia Bernal assumed the title job. His large break came in 2001 when he was thrown in the widely praised Y Tu Mamá También (2001), by and by close by his closest companion Gael García Bernal, as Tenoch Iturbide.

His star keeps on sparkling and he is becoming well known in the American market, for example, featuring nearby Bon Jovi in Vampires: Los Muertos (2002) and the Oscar winning Frida (2002).

In 2004, he featured in

  1. ‘Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2’,
  2. the prequel to ‘Messy Dancing’,

Recently, he has a protagonist rol on a spin off of Star Wars Saga, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” as a rebel Andor Cassian.

Andor Cassian Star Wars

Moreover, he is also busy in completing different other projects in America.

Common means of transportation to use in Mexico

If you traveling other countries you should know about its transportation culture and what transportation will save you more money while traveling, as Mexico is knowns for its culture and traditions with some awesome and breathtaking views of pyramids, mountains and beaches also with full of greenery. Everyone loves to visit to see some special places on their vacation but you should know about its transportation for saving money while you are traveling or shift for your job. Especially the travelers give $49 discount and give Cancun cheap flights for visitors.

The common transportation in Mexico are:


In Mexico there is most running and saving transportation and also it’s divided in three type pf buses:

  • The Chicken Bus is the most budgetable and low fare, there is many chicken buses running on road so you don’t worry about to seat and go where ever you wish to visit in Mexico,  and the cost is less than one dollar for per hour.
  • The Modern Coach is more common transportation in Mexico its also range very widely, the modern coaches, with comfy reclining seats, movies, bathrooms on board, and curtains in the windows. Prices are slightly higher than chicken busses, but it’s reasonable you will get all these in just 1 to 3 dollars per hour.
  • The City Bus it’s most cheap transportation in Mexico to use it’s just cost less than 1 dollar.
  • Bus in CDMX


This van is very common transportation in Mexico. With 10 to 15 people seating available system, the amazing thing is this van is never the full cause of general rule for comforting passengers more it’s cost slightly higher than buses, 1 to 2  dollars for depending the distance.


Micro transportation is especially for visitors and tourists,  are big trucks with colorful painting and open-air benches to see some amazing view while traveling and it’s the price is not higher it’s just cost 1 to 5 dollars.

Bicitaxis in CMDX

 Bicitaxis or Mototaxis:

It’s also very common use of transportation in Mexico it has a three-wheeled tiny oval vehicle with a bench in front for the driver and one in back to fit 1-3 passengers and you found these vehicles typically in rural areas and it’s cost 1 to 5 dollars.

This article will help with all the common use of transportation in Mexico to save some money and at the same time you can know what the daily life of the inhabitants of the city is like and how they travel.

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Surprising historical facts about Mexico

Sierra Madre: Reasons to visit in this season

Sierra Madre is one of the largest mountain ranges. Sierra Madre means “mother mountain” in Spanish. It is a sign of Mexico’s vast and diverse natural beauty. Its consists of 3 parts Sierra Madre Occidental (to the west), the Sierra Madre Oriental (to the east), and the Sierra Madre del Sur (to the south). If you are a hiker and want to do some extreme challenge of hiking with friends and family so you should try once in a lifetime, this mountain doesn’t disappoint you.

Sierra Madre Map

In this season you must go to Sierra Madre and in this season much traveling agency gives 50 dollars to visit Mexico, especially Montreal to Cancun FlightsAnd saving money for traveling is the best option to get some more enjoyment to buy some locality things and traditional and cultural things.

And knowing that you are in a safe place is the most amazing thing and visitors love to listen to this, Sierra Madre also has a town of about 10,000 people, the neighbors are so frank and loving and a police force doing their best to maintain a safe and family-friendly environment.

Reasons to visit the Sierra Madre:

In this season the Mexican people organize Christmas party in the Sierra Madre mountain, decorated near the mountains and arranged a party for visitors and locality to get some extreme and breathtaking view from there and enjoy the highest level of its heart. The Mexican people and locality wears traditional clothes, The huipil is the traditional dress for girls that they are sleeveless, typically they are made with cotton dressed and having a simple attractive color and the men’s traditional clothing includes sarape which is a large blanket cape, the charro suit with its origin that wears by Mexican cowboy which includes plenty of shades, boots are also a wardrobe staple to get attract visitors with his traditional clothes.

Mexican Huipil

Making food in this season is a best thing to enjoy some more in mountains they cook traditional meals like Chilaquiles is the most popular and traditional meal that includes lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with green and red salsa, fried eggs and chickens are normally added on top, also cheese and cream as well, this is the only one there is many dishes like Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tastadas, Chiles en nogada, etc.

Chilaquiles verdes

There are so many reasons to visit in this season that spend some amazing time in amazing place, this article is defined above that why you visit in this season and see some amazing and extreme challenging things to do in the Sierra Madre with your friends, I suggest especially hikers to visit this place with their teams to do this extreme thing.


Why are piñatas so important in Mexico?

There are tons of people come to visit Mexico every year from all around the world. They come here to spend their vacation and have some quality time with their loved ones. Similar to different other people, I also booked tickets for flights to Mexico City and head to this place last year. That was really fun to visit Mexico because I found multiple things over there. There were reflections of different traditions from different places and backgrounds on the planet. Additionally, there were lots of amazing entertainment related stuff over there.

While the very unique and intriguing factor I found in Mexico city is Piñatas. Most of the people might not be familiar with this term because it is a kind of tradition of this place. So, here I am going to tell you about some of the historical factors and meanings of Pinatas in Mexico City.

What is Piñatas?

Pinatas is actually a clay pot that is covered with decorated tissue papers and paper mache. This clay pot is filled with lots of candies and goodies for the kids. It is a kind of hamper pot for which kids in the traditional events of Mexico wait a lot. In fact, there might be any Mexican festival where Pinatas is not available.

The traditional shape of Pinatas in Mexico is usually a kind of star having seven points instead of five. While, in some cases, it is shaped in some kind of animal cartoon character or any superhero. In this case, when children see such kind of similar thing in an event, they rush towards it and want to get hampers from it.

piñatas hand made

Children can get these hampers easily without any kind of trouble, but in some sort of party, you will find different games by which you can have those hampers. You simply have to do any task, and then have your gift in your hands.

History and Meaning of Pinatas

Pinatas is quite an ancient and traditional type of thing to have in Mexico. It was introduced in 1586. Mexican People in the past time used to have this thing in their events to offer an additional edge to the party. This is the reason that they wanted to make it more creative and interesting to people that they start to like it. For this purpose, they made seven points of Pinatas that actually represents all the seven deadly sin. This thing highly excited people and they really start liking it to have it in every event.

Piñatas en Mexico

Pinatas Today

In today’s time, the importance of pinatas is quite high. As we described above, no party or event can be imagined to organize without pinatas. Almost every birthday party or event should have a thing so that they can make kids enjoy.

Modern piñatas

Along with the kids, adults also like to enjoy it. This is the reason that a pinata for adults is also introduced so that they can have presents for them too.

So, if you have never visited Mexico, make sure to book flights to Mexico City during any event days because at that time, you will get the chance to experience pinatas

Common exports of Mexico you will find in the world

Mexico is a hub for electronics, automobile, and mechanical appliances etc. making it one of the leading exporters of these things in the world.  If you are considering Puerto Vallarta cheap flights, book your seat now and get ready for a beautiful journey.

Mexico exports goods of billions to different parts of the world. The most valuable products are cars, auto parts or accessories, computers that include optical drives, crude oil, phone system devices, TV receivers, projectors, monitors, cables, insulated wires and medical equipment etc. Here is a list of common exports in Mexico you will find in the world.


Mexico has a flourishing electronics industry, the sixth-largest in the world. It is the tenth-largest exporter of electrical machinery, including electronics, accounting for 3.3% of the value of total world imports. Computers, television, circuit boards, and mobile phones are among the country’s leading manufacturers. Mexico also has the largest active auto industry in the country and the largest in North America.

Electronics exportation


Mexico is one of the biggest exporters of machinery, including electrical generators, flat-screen TVs, and monitors in the World. Other significant exports in this product group include cables, electric motors as well as panels.

Optical and Photographic

Mexico is the eighth largest exporter of optical in the world. Mexico’s exports of photographic and optical products to the world are calculated as 4.2%, which consists mainly of optical, photographic, film, standard, medical, and surgical instruments.

Photographic items

Crude Petroleum

The yearly value of crude petroleum is around $ 275 billion,  and Mexico is one of the largest exporters with a good market share. Although the United States is also a primary destination for Mexico’s crude oil exports, other countries such as Spain, India and Japan are also considered as important export markets.

Mechanical Appliances

Automatic data processing machines are Mexico’s main exports in the mechanical appliances category of products. Other major exports to Mexico are refrigerators, combustion engines, air conditioners, turbines and vacuum pumps. The United States, Germany and Canada are the main export destinations for machinery in Mexico.

Mechanical apliances


The Mexican vehicle industry is divided into sectors of passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles for agriculture and construction. Mexico is the world’s seventh-largest producer of passenger cars and produces nearly four million vehicles a year and is the fifth largest exporter and manufacturer of heavy vehicles and parts specializing in the agriculture and construction sectors.

Vehicles made in mexico loke ford

Besides these things, other leading exports of Mexico are home furniture, plastic, natural pearls, precious stones, edible vegetables, and fruits, and nuts. Make sure to book Puerto Vallarta cheap flights now to enjoy your vacations.