One of the beaches in Cancun, Mexico

5 reasons Cancun is different from Riviera Maya

Both Cancun and Riviera Maya are located very close and both are popular vacation spots.

Here we will differentiate these two neighbors based on the biggest differences between them. Located on the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is a large city.

Riviera Maya is in the southern region of Cancun. Both are not same but still they are compared a lot.

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5 Main reasons


Magnificent beach in Cancun

  • Cancun is a city. It has a population of almost one million and it is a metropolitan city.
  • Most tourism zones are outside the main city because the main beauty of Cancun Is nature.
  • There are hotels and entertainment businesses are highly concentrated.
  • For tourists there are small hotels all around the place.
  • Riviera Maya is a region and it includes many small cities and most of them are located on the coastline of the beach.
  • Largest city resides 2.5 million.


One of the many parks in Cancun

  • In Cancun the most activities an average person can do is partying, but it is rather expensive.
  • In Riviera Maya you can visit natural caves.
  • Famous parks and many other resorts.

Places to visit

A place to visit, Mayan Museum in Cancun

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  • You can visit different museums and beaches in Cancun.
  • The main highlight is an underwater museum which can be visited with shipwreck snorkeling tour.
  • Riviera Maya is a region that has many cities in it, here you can visit beaches and watch some turtles there.


  • In Cancun there are some shopping malls, but the pricing policies are same as the in the US.
  • In Riviera Maya there are many shopping malls, bars, clubs and restaurants which provide tourists with better options and rates.

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Pricing and budget

  • There are many expensive resorts and hotels in Cancun. These are along the beach, but you can get any budget and there are hotels with variety of price ranges.
  • Because of being a region of cities, Riviera Maya has many options for the tourists and these options are cheaper.

These were some of the basic differences why these places are compares.

People don’t bother they are comparing a city to region that has many cities in it. Beside this both are very beautiful places to visit.

If you are on a trip to Mexico, you can use cheap flights to Cancun. Visiting these two destinations should be on your priority list because these places are very beautiful, and the beaches will give you the peace of mind.