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Unique Mexican traditions even tourists have to follow

Mexico is a beautiful city that is filled with a lot of traditions, and cultural events that people from all over the world come over to see.
Although Mexico is very open to its tourists, there are still a lot of unique traditions that are set place in Mexico, that even tourists from another land have to follow. If you are looking to travel to Mexico, a cheap way would be to travel to Toronto first, and then to Cancun, and then find a flight to Mexico from there. There are cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto available easily.

Here are some of those traditions:

Bull Fighting

Bull fighting or Charreria is one of the most amusing and fun events in all of Mexico. This tradition has been gaining so much traction in the recent years that almost everyone who has at least heard of Mexico might relate Mexico with bull fighting.
Bull fighting is a unique tradition that everyone has to get into, no matter what they are doing. It’s a fully public event.

Bullfights in a mexican arena

Las Posadas

Las Posadas is one of the more religious events, which commemorate the experiences of Mary and Joseph as they made their way to Bethlehem. People come together with drinks and traditional food. Usually, if the event is celebrated in a family, one child is blessed with the title of “angel”, and that child has to bear the responsibility of carrying Mary & Joseph’s statues with their family members.

Mexcan Family in a posada


Piñatas are the ultimate manifesto that even violence can lead to a fun event. Piñata exploding has become a very popular event not only in Mexico, but even outside Mexico. Piñatas are basically dolls made of paper, and are filled with candies or trinkets. Typically, a child is chosen, and then blindfolded, while given a hammer or bat. The child has to follow everyone’s instructions, or trust their natural instincts, and hit the piñata with force enough to completely destroy the doll itself.

Day of the Dead

In order to commemorate the souls that have departed from this physical realm onto another realm, Mexico has this beautiful event of the day of the dead. In this event, everyone remembers their beloved ones through family or friends’ gatherings. This event is not supposed to be a sad event, but is actually celebrated, because they believe that the dead “awake and celebrate with them”.

The Day of the dead is  called Día de  Muertos.

Mexican day of the day ofrenda

San Marcos Fair

The San Marcos fair is a 2-century old tradition. It is a beautiful day where people get themselves drunk on food, music, dance, beer and absolutely everything that a man could possibly get drunk on.

San Marcos Fair is also a family friendly event, because if you are not interested in getting drunk, you can go watch that horse show, or listen to mariachi music. It’s all up to you.

San Marcos Fair cartel

By utilizing those cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto, you might just be able to make it in time for the events that will lighten up your life.

Why are piñatas so important in Mexico?

There are tons of people come to visit Mexico every year from all around the world. They come here to spend their vacation and have some quality time with their loved ones. Similar to different other people, I also booked tickets for flights to Mexico City and head to this place last year. That was really fun to visit Mexico because I found multiple things over there. There were reflections of different traditions from different places and backgrounds on the planet. Additionally, there were lots of amazing entertainment related stuff over there.

While the very unique and intriguing factor I found in Mexico city is Piñatas. Most of the people might not be familiar with this term because it is a kind of tradition of this place. So, here I am going to tell you about some of the historical factors and meanings of Pinatas in Mexico City.

What is Piñatas?

Pinatas is actually a clay pot that is covered with decorated tissue papers and paper mache. This clay pot is filled with lots of candies and goodies for the kids. It is a kind of hamper pot for which kids in the traditional events of Mexico wait a lot. In fact, there might be any Mexican festival where Pinatas is not available.

The traditional shape of Pinatas in Mexico is usually a kind of star having seven points instead of five. While, in some cases, it is shaped in some kind of animal cartoon character or any superhero. In this case, when children see such kind of similar thing in an event, they rush towards it and want to get hampers from it.

piñatas hand made

Children can get these hampers easily without any kind of trouble, but in some sort of party, you will find different games by which you can have those hampers. You simply have to do any task, and then have your gift in your hands.

History and Meaning of Pinatas

Pinatas is quite an ancient and traditional type of thing to have in Mexico. It was introduced in 1586. Mexican People in the past time used to have this thing in their events to offer an additional edge to the party. This is the reason that they wanted to make it more creative and interesting to people that they start to like it. For this purpose, they made seven points of Pinatas that actually represents all the seven deadly sin. This thing highly excited people and they really start liking it to have it in every event.

Piñatas en Mexico

Pinatas Today

In today’s time, the importance of pinatas is quite high. As we described above, no party or event can be imagined to organize without pinatas. Almost every birthday party or event should have a thing so that they can make kids enjoy.

Modern piñatas

Along with the kids, adults also like to enjoy it. This is the reason that a pinata for adults is also introduced so that they can have presents for them too.

So, if you have never visited Mexico, make sure to book flights to Mexico City during any event days because at that time, you will get the chance to experience pinatas