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Things to do in Guatemala City

Any day of the week is perfect to find something interesting to do in Guatemala City, whether you like to discover new gastronomic options, visit museums or enjoy breathtaking views… this city surprises!

Even if you live here, there are always new places with different activities to do in Guatemala City that are highly recommended by juan jose gutierrez mayorga , who is an important businessman From this city.

Take note and choose any of these six different options for your next outing in the city.

1. Take a gastronomic tour in zone 4

This area, close to downtown, is known for its innovative proposals in terms of gastronomy, art and cultural activities.

Therefore, it gives you different options among the many things to do in Guatemala City.

It is advisable to take a walking tour and take advantage of the varied options of restaurants, cafes and bars that you will find, you can try something in each place that catches your attention.

You can, for example, start with a starter in an Italian restaurant, the main course in a Chapin restaurant, a dessert in a French cafe and finish in a bar tasting some artisan drink.

This can be the perfect plan to have fun with your friends and discover new gastronomic proposals: all in the same place!


2. Visit the San Lucas viewpoint

If you’re looking to see the city from a different point of view, an excellent idea is to take a few minutes outside of the capital and visit the San Lucas lookout point.

Thanks to its recent renovations, the viewpoint is ideal to enjoy views of the city while you try some typical food from the options you have to choose from.

How about a delicious corn atol and a guacamole tostada while you see all the lights of Guatemala City?

Its cozy and typical atmosphere makes it the ideal place to enjoy the city on another level, eat delicious food, take lots of pictures and relax.

3. Enjoy an afternoon of museums

Among the different things to do in Guatemala City, Zone 13 is an amazing place where you will find something for all ages. The so-called “museum street” is one of them.

Here you will find some of the best known museums in the city, all within walking distance.

You can start by finding out about the country’s archeology at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. Then move on to the National Museum of Modern Art, which features works by national and international artists.

Finally, you can visit the Museum of Natural History. On this street you will also find a children’s museum and the city zoo, so there are also fun things to do with your little ones.


4. Touring the Historic Center on foot

The Historic Center is one of those places where you will find an endless number of activities in Guatemala City.

If you are looking to learn about the history of the country, visit beautiful places like Paseo la Sexta or enjoy the local commerce, in this area you can do all this and more.

In addition, it is a sector full of life, where in every block you will come across some important historical place like the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Portal del Comercio and the Plaza de la Constitución.

You can enjoy every discovery you make and take a well-deserved break in a bar or restaurant along the way.

There is a variety of things to do and see in Guatemala City, among which you can find more than one thing that catches your attention.

This is a city worth discovering again and again, as each of its corners offers different options for varied interests.

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