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Highly recommended hiking spots on Mexico

If you love hiking then you have to add Mexico in your list because it has one of the best hiking spots in the world. whenever the word Mexico comes in your mind, you always thinking about the beautiful beaches and historical places but it also has one of the best sites that can be used for hiking and make your trip wonderful. If you are taking the flight to Mexico City from Toronto for hiking then these are following points that are perfect for hiking are as follows:


This is the most dangerous place for hiking name copper canyon. Its depth 5500 feet which makes everyone fear with this place for hiking. If you to hiking then you have to visit this wild and undeveloped area that is perfect for hiking. The best to visit this is place is between November to march because you can avoid the heavy rain and the deadly summer heat.


The El Tepozteco is the village name near Mexico city. This hiking place was almost 1200 feet in depth which makes this place a perfect spot for hiking. The turning edges of the mountain makes it a dangerous route for hikers. This place is not only famous for hiking but you can also enjoy the evening at this place and the weather of this spot makes you fall in love with this place.


Mexico has many different locations for hiking and it is also famous for hiking as it is famous for its beautiful beaches. People from all over the world visit this place and fulfil their hiking dream with one of the most dangerous routes in Mexico. The Desierto de Los leones national park is one of the oldest park situated near Mexico city. the highest point of this park is about 12,434 feet which makes it more challenging for the hikers and the most amazing part of this place is that it is cover by the wild animals.


It is one of the best locations in Mexico that makes it beautiful and attract the tourist to visit this place and enjoy the best palce in the world. This place is 50 miles away from the Mexico City and the depth of this place is 15,390 feet that make every hikers wish to hike this place. This is a beautiful place because you can find the wonderful lakes near the mountain which makes your trip wonderful. you can visit this place in warmer months because the mountains are covered with snow in remaining months.