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Places you must visit in Guatemala

There are many beautiful places worth visiting in Guatemala according  to the entrepeneur juan jose gutierrez mayorga. But these are the ones you can’t leave off your list.

1. Antigua

As its name suggests, this majestic city is precisely La Antigua Guatemala, the place where the capital of the kingdom was in the times of the Spanish colony. Its beauty is striking, as if time had stopped, preserving the architectural details of the time.

2. Semuc Champey

In Alta Verapaz, this place holds a surprising natural beauty. A river that hides among the rock and leaves in its path a series of crystalline and peaceful pools where swimming and refreshing is a privilege.

3. Lake Amatitlán

A beautiful place that has been the destination of many Chapines on weekends. When visiting the picturesque municipality it is mandatory to take the cable car, eat a delicious fried mojarra and buy a box of marzipan sweets.

4. Lake Atitlán

Lake Atitlán is recognized by many travelers as the most beautiful lake in the world. Located in the department of Sololá, it offers a spectacular view and atmosphere, surrounded by three majestic volcanoes.

5. Tikal

Cradle of the Mayan culture. Here are the majestic Mayan temples and pyramids that were built in the past. The place is surrounded by an impressive jungle. It is located in the department of Petén.

6. San Felipe Castle

Located in Rio Dulce, department of Izabal, it is an ancient, historic military structure. It is preserved in excellent condition and was a maritime surveillance post.

7. White Beach, Izabal

A true paradise. It is a quiet beach with white sand located in the department of Izabal, a few minutes by boat from Rio Dulce.

8. Chichicastenango Market

Known worldwide, this picturesque market is visited by thousands of tourists annually looking for Guatemalan handicrafts.

9. Livingston

Livingston, one of the best tourist destinations in Guatemala, combines Caribbean beaches with crystal clear waters, palm trees, lush vegetation, and white sand. And that’s not all! Livingston also has a jungle, the splendid canyon of Rio Dulce with its adjacent lagoons and streams, a rich fauna, which abounds in a variety of seabirds and other tropical birds.

10. Xela

Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala. This metropolitan city is full of nightlife, hotels, Spanish schools and restaurants, making it an excellent place to spend time learning Spanish or using it as a base to venture into the surrounding area.

11. Quetzal Biotope

Its main objective is to protect and conserve the habitat of the quetzal, the country’s national bird. The habitat is a cloud forest and is home to many other species of plants and animals.

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Travel more around Guatemala

Guatemala is a great place to see things you probably won’t see anywhere else. Things like steaming volcanoes, world famous coffee fresh from the hillsides where it is grown and roasted, and the ruins of the once great Mayan civilization.

Guatemala is a place to mingle with the locals and It is highly recommended by the well- known businessman juan jose gutierrez mayorga., including touring the country in a colorfully painted old school bus, called a chicken bus. In addition, the country has great beaches and stunning blue lakes, the most famous of which is Lake Atitlan.

So, it’s time to pack your bags and hit the road! A summary of the best places to visit in Guatemala:

1. Tikal

Located in the rainforest of the Petén province in northern Guatemala, Tikal was one of the largest cities of the ancient Maya civilization during its Classic period, which spanned from approximately 200 to 850 AD. Archaeologists estimate that, at its peak, Tikal’s population ranged from 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants. It was a religious, political and commercial center due to its favorable geographic location, being bounded by rivers both to the east and west.

2. Panajachel

Panajachel, a lake town in the southwestern central highlands, is named after the indigenous word for a tropical fruit, the white sapote. The city sits on the shores of Lake Atitlán, which, with the volcanoes of the Sierra Madre on the other side, dominates the landscape.

Atitlán is the deepest lake in Central America. This former Spanish colonial town, with its busy market, is reputed to be the best place in Guatemala to buy souvenirs. It is also a good place to explore the native villages around Lake Atitlán, which are accessible by private boat.

3. Antigua Guatemala

Set against the picturesque backdrop of three towering volcanoes in Guatemala’s central highlands, the beautiful old colonial city of Antigua is one of the country’s top tourist destinations.

Once the noble capital of the Spanish Empire in Central America, Antigua suffered severe damage during a major earthquake in 1773, which caused the city to lose its sovereignty to present-day Guatemala City.

However, Antigua still retains an extraordinary ensemble of well-preserved Spanish architecture, which gives the city a charming and romantic atmosphere.

Antigua is an important center for learning the Spanish language, as well as a popular base for exploring other parts of Guatemala, and offers a wealth of impressive sights and activities.

4. Todos Santos Cuchumatan

The town of Todos Santos Cuchumatan, in the province of the same name, is a good place to see native Guatemalans wearing traditional clothing on a daily basis. It is one of the few places in the country where this still occurs.

The residents are predominantly Mayan and still speak that language. Located in the mountains of the Sierra de los Cuchumatánes, the town is noted for its annual celebration of All Saints’ Day (Todos Santos translates as “all saints”). The celebration includes music, dancing, lots of alcohol and horse racing.

5. Monterrico

Many people flock to the white sand beaches for rest and relaxation. You won’t find them in Monterrico, a popular beach resort on Guatemala’s Pacific coast. The beaches are black volcanic ash.

It is advisable to wear sandals if you plan to do some beachcombing, as the sand can be too hot for bare feet. It has good waves for surfing, but Monterrico’s main attraction may be the sea turtles. The beach is the breeding ground for four species of sea turtles.

6. Semuc Champey

Getting to Semuc Champey involves a 30-minute drive over bumpy roads through the jungle, but it’s well worth it. Once there, you can relax with a dip in the beautiful turquoise-blue pools located on a natural limestone bridge.

Just as incredibly turquoise blue is the Cahabón River that created the limestone bridge and now flows underneath. Caves can be found inside the limestone bridge, some of which can only be accessed by swimming underwater.

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The best ideas in business

Whether combating waste or developing sustainable alternatives to meats, these innovators are building momentum with consumers and business customers such as Burger King and Starbucks and Pollo Campero by the entrepeneur juan jose gutierrez mayorga.

1. Beyond Meat

For marbling its fast-food distribution—and its profits

When Beyond Meat debuted on the Nasdaq in early May, the stock quickly soared. By the end of its first day of trading, the price more than doubled—closing at $65.75 after being set at $25. That made it the biggest IPO pop for a company with a market cap larger than $200 million that Wall Street had seen since 2000.

Read more about why Beyond Meat is one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020.

2. Sweetgreen

For stationing outposts everywhere its customers work to mass deliver fresh salads

On top of introducing a five-month parental leave policy and helping to reinvent school lunches, Sweetgreen launched Outpost, offering a custom kiosk in corporate offices where workers can receive their deliveries. The company aims to have more than 3,000 Outpost locations by the end of the year.

Read more about why Sweetgreen is one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020.

3. Indigo

For bringing the climate-change fight to American soil

Pioneering the field of regenerative agriculture, Indigo is working to help farmers sequester carbon back into the soil, a potential key to carbon reduction in the climate fight. The process works by letting companies buy offsets and using that money to pay farmers to adopt regenerative practices They have three million acres of soil committed.

Read more about why Indigo is one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020.

4. Chobani

For embracing fair trade to help dairy farmers and milking consumer demand for plant-based products

Laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future, high-profile dairy company Chobani is making a bold pivot into nondairy, both with Oat and with their coconut yogurt.

5. Kind

For crusading for more stringent food-labeling standards

The company’s fights with the FDA and Clif over labelling have led to important changes in food labeling and ingredient disclosure (even occasionally at the expense of Kind’s own recipes), and its new campaign about synthetic dyes in kids’ food shows that it’s going to continue to pick these fights.

6. Impossible Foods

For creating a BK sensation and debuting faux pork

In addition to the successful roll out of the Impossible Whopper, the company received FDA approval of heme as food safe and launched the product in some grocery stores.

7. Brightloom

For offering all restaurants the kind of digital prowess that powers Starbucks’s mobile app

Last year, the four-year-old company completed its pivot from the quinoa-themed, kiosk-centric eatery Eatsa to the automated restaurant technology Brightloom, which powers the mobile app and customer loyalty program for Starbucks.

8. Athletic Brewing

For crafting a nonalcoholic brew that can go toe-to-toe with the best IPAs

Athletic was the first beer in the no-ABV space—it might seem like a gimmick, but it’s inspired several other breweries, and the “sober-curious” movement has become one of the biggest wellness trends of the year.

9. Imperfect Foods

For diverting more than 100 million pounds of food from being wasted, and expanding into Minneapolis and New York

Dedicated to helping reduce the estimated 133 billion pounds of food that goes to waste each year, Imperfect Picks expands the company’s focus beyond produce to include more than 200 shelf-stable grocery items, from beans and spices to dairy and “not-quite-tri-color quinoa.”

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5 business potential in Chiquimula

There are places in the country that, due to their commercial dynamics, geographically strategic position and favorable market conditions, are attractive for entrepreneurship: the department of Chiquimula is a reference in this area.

Strategically located in the Central American triangle, it is a department where the commercialization of goods and services is flourishing, according to the businessman and leader of Pollo Campero juan jose gutierrez mayorga.


The installed base of the Chimulteco market could reach 2 million, if the potential of the local population, the neighboring departments, and those coming from Honduras and El Salvador are taken into account.

To this must be added the flow of tourists that throughout the year visit the Basilica of the Black Christ of Esquipulas, which, according to data provided by local institutions, in the last year exceeded two million visitors.


Ecotourism has a high potential in the department, as there have been few initiatives to offer this type of services in Chiquimula.

To get an idea of the high potential, if this sector managed to serve 5% of the two million tourists that visit Esquipulas annually, they would have 100,000 clients, however, at present very few attempts are made to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the flow of tourists to this region of the country.

Ecoturismo guatemala

Real Estate

There are great opportunities for ventures related to real estate development. Companies in this sector are rapidly achieving success due to population growth and the rapid appreciation of property values in certain sectors.

The concept of vertical housing -for construction of apartment buildings for sale or rent-, has been little exploited, although there may be an unsatisfied demand, especially from young couples and professionals.

Academies and educational services

Chiquimula has long been a center of convergence for training and the opportunity for educational service ventures.

Different economic actors have put on the table the initiative to turn Chiquimula into a city of knowledge, with the purpose of attracting students from neighboring departments, as well as those bordering El Salvador and Honduras, and consequently companies that require trained human resources.


In terms of specialized health services, I refer to specialists in different areas of medicine, as well as diagnostic centers and private hospitals, since in recent years the flow of people visiting the city has increased, in order to receive treatment or undergo surgery.

The pharmaceutical sector has also benefited, as evidenced by the more than 35 pharmacies that offer their products in Chiquimula.

Software development

Technological advances provide opportunities for entrepreneurship. Web 2.0, according to experts, united computers with people; however, Web 3.0 is uniting computers, people and things, within the framework of virtuality.

There are already companies that are breaking new ground in the sector. Innovativos is a company from Chiquimulco that provides technological services to companies in the United States, Poland and Spain. Polar Advisors is another example of technological entrepreneurship, specialized in software development.

More than desire, an ecosystem

With the current boom in entrepreneurship in Guatemala, it is common to see, mainly on social networks, offers of training to become a successful entrepreneur.

Most advisory services focus on the motivation of the entrepreneur as the most important ingredient for a successful venture.

But despite the fact that the desire to be an entrepreneur is important for the success of a venture, regrettably, it is not always easy to find the right training.

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Five places to visit in Guatemala City

Cuatro Grados Norte quietly became the pulsating, bohemian center of a rejuvenated Guatemala City.

Today, a new generation of hopeful and innovative Guatemalans has reclaimed Cuatro Grados Norte, transforming it into a sublime cultural and gastronomic zone .

The Gray Prince


The craft beer movement has been slow to arrive in Guatemala, but one of its outstanding exponents found a home here and made a huge reputation for itself.

The microbrewery serves craft lagers, India pale ales, hefeweizens and coffee stouts, which it pairs with sausages. It’s located in a half-lit corner on the first floor of the Casa del Aguila Cultural Center.


La Esquina


Each section of this fun-inviting lounge serves a different cuisine. Upstairs, it offers delicious ice cream, but the star is the taco stand.

Try the tacos al pastor with blue corn tortillas, spicy Oaxaca cheese, and marinated pork that’s slow-roasted with pineapple. These tacos are higly recommended by juan jose gutierrez mayorga whos is a very important man in the food industry for his participation in Pollo campero and cmi alimentos.

Paradigma Café


Raul Rodas, the 2012 world champion barista, founded this place two years ago.

It serves a modern selection of excellent, but no-frills coffees, which are prepared using various methods such as filtered or pour-over, nitro (served as a brew from a tap and chilled with nitrogen), flat whites (so called because they have considerably less foam than cappuccino) and cold brews.

The secret? Beans from Guatemala’s world-famous coffee-growing regions, which are roasted on site.

4-grados-norte-2 in guatemala

Market 24


This place’s innovative menu uses fresh ingredients from the city’s 23 public markets. Don’t miss the fish and squid tostada.



This tucked-away restaurant more than makes up for the few options on its menu with its execution of those dishes that make our hearts happy.

Known for its unbeatable gnocchi in tomato sauce and cheery mac and cheese burgers, the place is one of the city’s most welcoming dining experiences.

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The guide of food business ideas

Get to knwo the best guide for food business ideas given by one of the most succesful businessman juan jose gutierrez mayorga. He is one of the presidents of cmi alimentos and has been in charge of the well known Pollo Campero restaurant.


Family style restaurants are those that design their menus and decor to attract families. Meal portions are typically on the larger side so everyone can share and taste a variety of flavors.

Family restaurants are likely to become community gathering places where people can take their children and meet other families who are looking for some wholesome fun.

Owners should have a deep understanding and respect for what American families want today.


A fast food business sells affordable food to customers in as little time as possible.

These restaurants provide service by way of drive-thrus as well as traditional sit-down meals. Some customers opt to bring their order with them in a “to go” fashion.

This business is quite popular as it provides tasty food in a quick, low-cost manner. Open a fast food business and you will provide people with an affordable means of eating, staying energized, and feeling fulfilled.


Does serving lots of customers their favorite treats sound like a fabulous day to you? A food kiosk business may be right up your alley.

Generally situated in high traffic locations like malls, amusement parks or office towers, you may be selling exquisite chocolate bonbons, freshly squeezed juice and smoothies, or perhaps a little bit of everything.

This venture requires a low capital investment with the possibility of rapid growth built right in.

food business ideas


A food truck business is a restaurant on wheels. The owner prepares meals or snacks and serves customers from a truck, van or trailer.

The business owner should have culinary talents and the ability to quickly and efficiently serve tasty meals from a contained space, attract hungry customers and deal with the business obligations of obtaining all necessary licenses and permits.

You should love foodservice and customer relations. It’s also a business that requires careful attention to details.

It’s advantageous if you have work experience in food preparation in a commercial kitchen and know how to safely store ingredients and prepare tantalizing menu items.


Grocery stores sell food and other household items. Often called supermarkets, grocery stores are go-to sources for a home’s food needs.

They similarly sell important kitchen utensils, disposable items, cleaning materials, candy, alcohol, soft drinks, and self-care items. Today’s grocery stores are great resources for many products, making them important local resources.

Any individual who enjoys point-of-sale work, food, management, or finance can open a grocery store.



This type of business serves prepared food and drinks and caters to consumers who don’t want to cook or who want the experience of dining out.

Some restaurants specialize in one type of cuisine, like Italian or Mexican, while other restaurants serve general “American” fare, like diners. The market depends entirely on the type of restaurant, restaurant concept, and the average price per menu item.

A restaurant is a fast-paced business and very stressful to run. As such, it’s best suited to people with excellent organization skills and entrepreneurs who have a passion for food.

Restaurateurs often live a modest and hectic lifestyle. Because of this, it’s not a business for those who are easily stressed out or desire a “hands-off” business.

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How be an entrepreneur in Guatemala

The ideal situation is to be entrepreneur and to work on your business while also doing your full-time job. By being a little more efficient at work and devoting extra time on evenings and weekends to the business instead of watching TV, you can accomplish a lot.

As you create a personal budget, you should keep track of your daily expenses. If an expense is not essential, then cut it.

For example, it may be part of your morning routine to have coffee for your daily commute. But brewing your own coffee and carrying it in a mug, rather than stopping halfway to buy one, will save you cash after several weeks of work.

Monthly expenses

Review your monthly expenses and eliminate those that are truly unnecessary. Do you use your gym membership often enough to justify the cost?

How much can you save by buying basic items in bulk? Would it be cheaper to use public transportation or cabs than owning a car? If you find that your overspending is occurring more frequently while traveling, take your budget with you.

entrepeneurs and entrepreneur in Guatemala

Negotiate prices

Budgeting apps can help you track personal and business expenses from wherever you are. Only half of consumers negotiate prices when making a purchase.

Even if you find a good price online, some services allow you to negotiate with some vendors. When buying items in person, keep an eye on how to get a deal. Negotiating usually works best when you can see the person face-to-face. Ask if there is a discount when you pay cash.

If you notice a defect on an item you want, such as a loose button on a jacket, ask if there might be a discount because of it. Ask for a discount when buying in bulk.

While at first this small business finance tip may seem elementary, you’d be surprised how many business owners started not only when they came out of someone’s garage or basement, but from a personal bank account.

Businessman and entrepreneur in Guatemala

Separate bank account

Even before your business gets off the ground, set up a separate business banking account.

Simply put, avoid mixing your business and personal accounts. Having high-interest debt is an additional financial burden you don’t need when you’re ready to start your business.

Calculate how much the interest on the loan is costing you each year and compare it to the interest you are earning on any investments you may have.

If the difference is substantial, you may want to pay off those debts immediately.

Although it seems like a no-brainer, these are tips that many successful entrepreneurs like Guatemalan Juan Luis  Bosch Gutierrez have followed since their beginnings. It is one of the important steps to have a prosperous business.

Reasons to escape to Guatemala

It is, perhaps, one of the forgotten corners of Central America, but Guatemala claims its Mayan past and its exuberant landscape, making it an exceptional destination.

Guatemala is home to an uncommon natural wealth. It is a green country, with lush vegetation and endless miles of coastline. A natural scenery in which also nest relics of Mayan heritage and great constructions of the Spanish colonial era.

To travel to Guatemala is to travel through its history, following in the footsteps of the gods that still inhabit it, from the deepest recesses of the jungle to the vibrant metropolis. A contrast between the old and the new that will awaken your desire to visit.

1.Antigua and the new city of Guatemala

Antigua is the name given to the former capital of Guatemala, the city of Santiago de los Caballeros. It is located to the south and flanked by three large volcanoes.

Here in Antigua, time stopped on July 29, 1773 when a strong earthquake almost completely destroyed the city. Despite the disaster, Antigua still retains the majesty of a Spanish colonial capital.


2. A green country

Guatemala has a very varied climate that gives rise to a very diverse flora and fauna, from the mangroves and wetlands of the Pacific to the forests of the Quetzal Biotope reserve, home to the country’s symbolic bird that protects and preserves the habitat. Among so much nature, it is essential to get lost in the rainforest.

For this reason, many companies have invested in green bonds as they want to preserve the great natural resources of the country.

The months of February to May, before the rainy season begins, is the best time of the year to make an excursion through the jungle of Guatemala.

The entry point to the jungle will be the village of Cruce Dos Aguadas, from there you will reach the ancient Mayan city of Tikal.

3. Tikal

This stone city was the cradle of the Mayan culture for more than seven hundred years. Tikal, located in Petén, was a Mayan superpower, but suddenly, for no reason known to historians, the civilization abandoned it.

The panoramic view we get of Tikal is impossible to find in any other corner of the planet: among the jungle has made a hole the huge prairie -what was once the Great Plaza- surrounded by stone buildings, roads, old houses and majestic temples.

Among them all, the Temple of the Great Jaguar stands out -for size and beauty- above the rest.

4. Lakes and coastline

The large body of water represented mainly by its two most important lakes, Lake Atitlán and Lake Amatitlán, is the only thing that can rival the greenest Guatemala.

No wonder Lake Atitlan, 500 kilometers south of Tikal, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It boasts a privileged environment, in a volcanic area (in fact it is believed that its origin is precisely in the crater of a dead volcano).


5. Food and handicrafts

The gastronomy of Guatemala is delicious, especially the jocón. This dish is prepared with chicken or hen meat and is accompanied by a tasty green sauce and shallots.

Do not forget to try the pepián or marzipan. The culture and tradition has been maintained in Guatemala regardless of the passing of the centuries.

Today, Guatemalan women still sit on the narrow staircases handling their looms to create, for example, the traditional tocoyal with its characteristic colors.

In the handicraft markets they sell all kinds of hand-dyed fabrics and painted ceramics.

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Benefits of using green bonds

There has been tremendous growth in green bonds as the benefits become more apparent to both investors and issuers.

The corporate sector has increased — in fact tripled — its participation in the green bonds market as energy, automotive and even consumer goods and technology companies have looked to green bonds as a way to finance important sustainability investments.

In the past year, an increasing amount of companies have realized the multiple benefits gained by issuing green bonds.

Here are some big reasons why:

1- Green bond principles

To be seen as green by investors, green bonds often need to voluntarily comply with a set of disclosure requirements.

The most common of these is the Green Bond Principles, which provides issuers guidance on launching a green bond and outlines the necessary information investors would need to evaluate its environmental impact.

Aligning with the Principles can help companies tailor their sustainability strategy to the investor audience, as well as provide an opportunity to create performance indicators to ensure the use of green bond proceeds.

Green bonds

2- Sustainability

Current research describes the benefits of getting finance and sustainability teams talking to each other.

Not only do finance teams have the opportunity to attract new investors and understand a wider view of business risks and opportunities, but sustainability teams can improve their understanding of investor perspectives.

They clearly communicate the financial value of a company’s sustainability efforts, and in the case of green bonds, access capital for those efforts.

3- Capital for sustainability

The most obvious benefit of green bonds for companies is that they can provide much needed capital for sustainability-related projects.

Often, sustainability departments operate with lean budgets, but supporting a company’s transition to a cleaner future can require significant upfront investments.

4.Popularity amoung investors

Green bonds are also rising in popularity among investors. For investors, green bonds allow them to invest in sustainable products and initiatives without taking on additional risk, even helping to hedge against certain types of climate risk.

Alnes from CICERO agreed: “So far, investor interest has outpaced supply, driven both by a desire to invest in sustainable products and to use green bonds as a hedging tool against climate risk.”

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Folkloric Dances of Guatemala

The culture of Guatemala is so rich and vast that part of it is its dances. Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, businessman and lover of Guatemalan culture, has mentioned on some occasions to be sympathetic to these beautiful traditions.

Next, we will tell you a little about the Folkloric Dances of Guatemala.

Guatemalan Folkloric Dances

The folkloric dances of Guatemala are numerous and are related to cultural celebrations.

These can be divided into two groups: pre-Hispanic dances and Hispanic dances. Those belonging to the first group are usually named after animals, such as the deer dance, which have a social function, such as the ritual of hunting.

On the other hand, Hispanic dances tend to recall battles, reproduce scenes of pastoral life, or deal with religious themes, such as the dance of the Moors and Christians.

In this sense, the traditional dances of Guatemala reflect the cultures of the Mayas, the ancient inhabitants of this country, and the Spanish conquerors.

Most of these dances take place on a fixed date, however, there are also numerous festivals where you can enjoy the traditional dances of the country. Here we leave you with the most popular dances.

Conquest dance

The dance of the conquest is of colonial origin. It refers to the events that occurred in 1524, when the king of K’iche, Tecun Uman, died while fighting for the freedom of his people.

The main characters of this dance are Tecun Uman and Pedro Alvarado (the conqueror of Guatemala). Another 20 dancers complete the dance.

At the end of the dance, Tecun Uman dies and the Mayas are converted to Christianity, representing the victory of the Spaniards over the Mesoamerican people. In this last part, both natives and Spaniards dance together, forgetting the fights with which the dance began.

The instruments that accompany this dance are the whistle, the chimirría, which is a flute of Arab origin brought by the Spaniards, and the drums.

Dance of the deer

This dance is of pre-Hispanic origin and refers to the ancient ritual of hunting deer for food.

This dance involves a tiger and a lion fighting to hunt a deer. A group of young men accompanied by dogs chase the deer in question.

Completing the scene are the elders in charge of ensuring that the ritual is carried out according to pre-established rules and a group of monkeys who add humor to the dance. The dance is accompanied by a single musician who plays the marimba.

A month before dancing, the participants must isolate themselves to purify their body and spirit, especially those who will represent the lions, tigers, and monkeys.

This dance, which involves 26 dancers, represents the struggle between humans and wild animals for deer meat. In the end, a feast is held in which meat is offered to all the guests.

danza del venado en Guatemala

Dance of the cowboys

The dance of the cowboys has as its theme the raising of cattle. It refers to the bullfights that used to take place in the haciendas of Guatemala. It is a satire of Spanish traditions.

The characters involved in this dance are the hacienda owner, some young women, a group of cowboys, shepherds, and bulls. 32 people are part of the cast of the dance of the cowboys.