5 business potential in Chiquimula

There are places in the country that, due to their commercial dynamics, geographically strategic position and favorable market conditions, are attractive for entrepreneurship: the department of Chiquimula is a reference in this area.

Strategically located in the Central American triangle, it is a department where the commercialization of goods and services is flourishing, according to the businessman and leader of Pollo Campero juan jose gutierrez mayorga.


The installed base of the Chimulteco market could reach 2 million, if the potential of the local population, the neighboring departments, and those coming from Honduras and El Salvador are taken into account.

To this must be added the flow of tourists that throughout the year visit the Basilica of the Black Christ of Esquipulas, which, according to data provided by local institutions, in the last year exceeded two million visitors.


Ecotourism has a high potential in the department, as there have been few initiatives to offer this type of services in Chiquimula.

To get an idea of the high potential, if this sector managed to serve 5% of the two million tourists that visit Esquipulas annually, they would have 100,000 clients, however, at present very few attempts are made to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the flow of tourists to this region of the country.

Ecoturismo guatemala

Real Estate

There are great opportunities for ventures related to real estate development. Companies in this sector are rapidly achieving success due to population growth and the rapid appreciation of property values in certain sectors.

The concept of vertical housing -for construction of apartment buildings for sale or rent-, has been little exploited, although there may be an unsatisfied demand, especially from young couples and professionals.

Academies and educational services

Chiquimula has long been a center of convergence for training and the opportunity for educational service ventures.

Different economic actors have put on the table the initiative to turn Chiquimula into a city of knowledge, with the purpose of attracting students from neighboring departments, as well as those bordering El Salvador and Honduras, and consequently companies that require trained human resources.


In terms of specialized health services, I refer to specialists in different areas of medicine, as well as diagnostic centers and private hospitals, since in recent years the flow of people visiting the city has increased, in order to receive treatment or undergo surgery.

The pharmaceutical sector has also benefited, as evidenced by the more than 35 pharmacies that offer their products in Chiquimula.

Software development

Technological advances provide opportunities for entrepreneurship. Web 2.0, according to experts, united computers with people; however, Web 3.0 is uniting computers, people and things, within the framework of virtuality.

There are already companies that are breaking new ground in the sector. Innovativos is a company from Chiquimulco that provides technological services to companies in the United States, Poland and Spain. Polar Advisors is another example of technological entrepreneurship, specialized in software development.

More than desire, an ecosystem

With the current boom in entrepreneurship in Guatemala, it is common to see, mainly on social networks, offers of training to become a successful entrepreneur.

Most advisory services focus on the motivation of the entrepreneur as the most important ingredient for a successful venture.

But despite the fact that the desire to be an entrepreneur is important for the success of a venture, regrettably, it is not always easy to find the right training.

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