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Natural Resources scene in Guatemala

The country where the entrepreneur and nature lover, Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, is from, is one of the places with an incredible culture and landscape. However, it also has great natural resources, Read on, here we will tell you about the scene of Natural Resources in Guatemala.

Learn about the Natural Resources scene in Guatemala

Guatemala’s natural resources come from its especially fertile soil, its highlands, and valleys. Fruits, minerals, and other resources can be found there.

Plant species, vegetables, legumes, fruits, and cereals are commonly found in Guatemalan territory. There is also petroleum, nickel, lead, zinc, iron, and small amounts of uranium, mercury, gold, silver, and jade.

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Guatemalan soil

Only 13% of Guatemalan soil is used for the production of natural resources derived from agriculture. More than 25% is rich in rare, high quality woods and timber for the production of household goods.

The remaining percentage of land includes urban areas, rugged terrain, deserts, and lowlands that are eroded or unsuitable for agriculture or grazing.

Resources to strengthen the country’s economy

Although Guatemala is a country rich in natural resources, these have not been adequately exploited. It is believed that non-metallic minerals and other natural resources would have the potential to strengthen the country’s economy. However, lack of technical knowledge and investment has limited these possibilities.

Agriculture as the basis of Guatemala’s natural resources

Natural resources derived from agriculture represent the backbone of the Guatemalan economy. Agriculture has been important within this region since Mayan times. Corn is one of the resources whose cultivation has been given since this time until today. Corn is one of the resources whose cultivation has been given since this time until today.


Certain natural mineral resources found in Guatemalan soil are exported to foreign markets as raw material without processing.

In Guatemala, the most consumed minerals are gravel and sand, extracted from the hills located throughout the country. These are used for domestic purposes.


With population growth and the demand for food, cattle and pig farming has become common. Poultry farms and fish hatcheries are also common.

All of the above makes Guatemala a country rich in natural resources, and its economy depends on the exploitation of the land.