Things that are made in mexico

Common exports of Mexico you will find in the world

Mexico is a hub for electronics, automobile, and mechanical appliances etc. making it one of the leading exporters of these things in the world.  If you are considering Puerto Vallarta cheap flights, book your seat now and get ready for a beautiful journey.

Mexico exports goods of billions to different parts of the world. The most valuable products are cars, auto parts or accessories, computers that include optical drives, crude oil, phone system devices, TV receivers, projectors, monitors, cables, insulated wires and medical equipment etc. Here is a list of common exports in Mexico you will find in the world.


Mexico has a flourishing electronics industry, the sixth-largest in the world. It is the tenth-largest exporter of electrical machinery, including electronics, accounting for 3.3% of the value of total world imports. Computers, television, circuit boards, and mobile phones are among the country’s leading manufacturers. Mexico also has the largest active auto industry in the country and the largest in North America.

Electronics exportation


Mexico is one of the biggest exporters of machinery, including electrical generators, flat-screen TVs, and monitors in the World. Other significant exports in this product group include cables, electric motors as well as panels.

Optical and Photographic

Mexico is the eighth largest exporter of optical in the world. Mexico’s exports of photographic and optical products to the world are calculated as 4.2%, which consists mainly of optical, photographic, film, standard, medical, and surgical instruments.

Photographic items

Crude Petroleum

The yearly value of crude petroleum is around $ 275 billion,  and Mexico is one of the largest exporters with a good market share. Although the United States is also a primary destination for Mexico’s crude oil exports, other countries such as Spain, India and Japan are also considered as important export markets.

Mechanical Appliances

Automatic data processing machines are Mexico’s main exports in the mechanical appliances category of products. Other major exports to Mexico are refrigerators, combustion engines, air conditioners, turbines and vacuum pumps. The United States, Germany and Canada are the main export destinations for machinery in Mexico.

Mechanical apliances


The Mexican vehicle industry is divided into sectors of passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles for agriculture and construction. Mexico is the world’s seventh-largest producer of passenger cars and produces nearly four million vehicles a year and is the fifth largest exporter and manufacturer of heavy vehicles and parts specializing in the agriculture and construction sectors.

Vehicles made in mexico loke ford

Besides these things, other leading exports of Mexico are home furniture, plastic, natural pearls, precious stones, edible vegetables, and fruits, and nuts. Make sure to book Puerto Vallarta cheap flights now to enjoy your vacations.