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Best time to plan destination wedding in Mexico


If your fantasy is to have the wedding in a varied and culture-filled city, I prefer Mexico City could be the ideal spot. The City is loaded up with vitality and shading, and there’s such a great amount to browse as far as setting alternatives. In case you’re searching for a space a great many people wouldn’t consider, consider ravishing exhibition hall scenes like the grand Old Convent of Regina or the sentimental yard at the Franz Mayer gallery. Picking a significant city like Mexico City has focal points a long ways past air terminal nearness — they have a lot of boutique and lavish inns to look over for scene or facilities.


For an elegantly curated boutique lodging wedding, look at Pug Seal in the beguiling Polanco neighborhood. Puerto Vallarta is also famous as one of the most desirable destination of Mexico. You can take flights to Puerto Vallarta and planned your wedding here. The weather of the Mexico is also pleasant but most of the months are dry and sunny, so, if you want to plan your destination wedding here in Mexico then you must consider the weather as well. Let’s check out.

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Best time to plan destination wedding in Mexico:

For wedding purpose, the best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season among December and April, when there is essentially no monsoon. If we talk about the coolest months, they are among December and mid-February, in spite of the fact that temperatures can even now arrive at midpoints of 28℃ approximately during the dry season of the year. It’s also depending on your likeness because if the summer is dry here but you can plan the beach wedding as well. The beaches are always good and ideal for weddings. It’s also easy to get flights to Puerto Vallarta on affordable price for all the guests.

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The wet season starts in the south in May and goes on until October. A substantial shower during this period for the most part clears the expanded mugginess before it develops once more. The Caribbean coast can be influenced by the tropical storm season, which runs from June to November. Mexico is an immense nation, and the climate changes via season and by locale.

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Mexico is the wonderful place. Many people from all over the world come to celebrate their best day here. You can easily get the wedding planners and event management teams. The hotels are also provided and arrange meetings with such people. All you need is to check the weather before coming here. If you ask my opinion, the best weather is from December to march because at that time, weather is cold. So book your flights to Puerto Vallarta and celebrate love.