Drinks with worms at Mexico

Amazing worm dishes in mexico

The world is full of surprises. We often discover unwanted and unexplainable things especially when we talking about strange foods, people use to eat several things that are not allow eating in civilized countries. I was unaware of such types of foods that I can’t imagine in my plate but when I visit to Mexico, it has changed my mind. The Mexican gastronomy is incomplete without worm dishes. Its sound strange but when you try these dishes first, you will love to have them. For such exciting experience, you need to take any flights to cancun and reached here. Today, we are going to discuss the amazing worm dishes in Mexico. Let’s check it out.

Amazing worm dishes in Mexico:

1.      Gusanos de (Maguey Worms)

Maguey is the agave plant that used in several drinks like:

  1. Tequila
  2. Pulque
  3. Mezcal

Used in many other customary Mexican mixed drinks. It has specific and really a parasitic caterpillar (moth hatchling) that lives on the plant. He is often found in its leaves and roots. The worms are either whitish with darker tips or ruddy in shading; the red assortment is known as chinicuiles. Just a couple of worms can be collected from each plant and simply after the plant has developed for quite a long while and consequently is fit to be reaped; in this way, maguey worms will in general be very uncommon and costly. They can be eatable at specific time after get develop.

worms in mexico

2.      Chapulines (Grasshoppers)

Numerous types of grasshopper-like creepy crawlies are prized in Mexico for their protein substance and flavor; they are here and there brought deliberately up in horse feed fields as a nourishment source. In size, they change from as little as a grain of rice on up to the size of an enormous cricket.

Not at all like numerous eatable bugs recorded here, chapulines will in general be moderately cheap, and in this way open to the normal Mexican. They are bubbled, at that point toasted or singed and sold by road sellers as a bite, it can be serve with

  1. Quesadillas (particularly in Oaxaca)
  2. In tacos
  3. Sprinkled on guacamole
  4. Use in different dishes as a topping
  5. Serve in the bars with several drinks

chapulines taco

3.      Escamoles (Ant Larvae)

The hatchlings of this specific insect species can be found in underground homes a few feet underneath the surface. They are whitish in shading and look similar to puffed rice.

Escamoles were a regular piece of the old Mexican eating routine; these days, however, they are to some degree difficult to find and considered an incredible colorful delicacy (read: costly) when they become accessible during their short spring season. So, don’t waste your time and book flights to cancun for an amazing adventure.

escamoles dish