Transportation in CDMX

Common means of transportation to use in Mexico

If you traveling other countries you should know about its transportation culture and what transportation will save you more money while traveling, as Mexico is knowns for its culture and traditions with some awesome and breathtaking views of pyramids, mountains and beaches also with full of greenery. Everyone loves to visit to see some special places on their vacation but you should know about its transportation for saving money while you are traveling or shift for your job. Especially the travelers give $49 discount and give Cancun cheap flights for visitors.

The common transportation in Mexico are:


In Mexico there is most running and saving transportation and also it’s divided in three type pf buses:

  • The Chicken Bus is the most budgetable and low fare, there is many chicken buses running on road so you don’t worry about to seat and go where ever you wish to visit in Mexico,  and the cost is less than one dollar for per hour.
  • The Modern Coach is more common transportation in Mexico its also range very widely, the modern coaches, with comfy reclining seats, movies, bathrooms on board, and curtains in the windows. Prices are slightly higher than chicken busses, but it’s reasonable you will get all these in just 1 to 3 dollars per hour.
  • The City Bus it’s most cheap transportation in Mexico to use it’s just cost less than 1 dollar.
  • Bus in CDMX


This van is very common transportation in Mexico. With 10 to 15 people seating available system, the amazing thing is this van is never the full cause of general rule for comforting passengers more it’s cost slightly higher than buses, 1 to 2  dollars for depending the distance.


Micro transportation is especially for visitors and tourists,  are big trucks with colorful painting and open-air benches to see some amazing view while traveling and it’s the price is not higher it’s just cost 1 to 5 dollars.

Bicitaxis in CMDX

 Bicitaxis or Mototaxis:

It’s also very common use of transportation in Mexico it has a three-wheeled tiny oval vehicle with a bench in front for the driver and one in back to fit 1-3 passengers and you found these vehicles typically in rural areas and it’s cost 1 to 5 dollars.

This article will help with all the common use of transportation in Mexico to save some money and at the same time you can know what the daily life of the inhabitants of the city is like and how they travel.

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