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Best places to visit as a couple in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a small town in Mexico that is famous for its beaches, nightlife and water sports.

If you want to visit Puerto Vallarta as a couple this year then you can take the flights to Puerto Vallarta and enjoy the beautiful city with your wife.

This place is wonderful as it is surrounded by famous beaches and architectural sites.

Some of the places to visit as a couple in Puerto Vallarta are as follows:


great beach of Yelapa in Puerto Vallarta

If you ever visit Puerto Vallarta then you should about the beaches of this city.

This city has many beautiful and romantic beaches where you can spend your time with your wife.

If you visit this place and dig your toes in the sand and talk with your wife then this is the most wonderful and romantic moment of your life.

If you enjoy this moment then you will also feel the sea breeze which makes your heart filled with love for your partner.


Underwater swimming is also one of the most romantic things you can experience in Puerto Vallarta.

There are many famous snorkeling places in this city where you can enjoy the underwater swimming with your partner and enjoy swimming with fish, turtles, etc.


the malecon in puerto vallarta

People believed that if you are on a honeymoon and visiting Puerto Vallarta then you should walk on Malecon.

Malecon is a beautiful place in this city where it is designed with restaurants and bars and it is perfect place for the couple because it is one of the romantic place of this city.

You can walk on the Malecon with your partner holding her hand and breathe the sea air and enjoy the weather with her.


If you are tired of a day-long visiting the place of this city then you should take some rest and can go to the beach hotel.

It is the most beautiful hotel for the couple where you can relax and have some quality time with your partner.

The beach hotel room is well furnished and is designed in the way that the window opens on the beach.

If you want to make your journey memorable then you should stay in this beach hotel and enjoy your tour with your wife.


Famous restaurant La Palapa

If you have researched about mexico then you should one thing that mexico is famous for its food and lavish restaurants.

If you are going to visit Mexico with your partner then you can enjoy the dinner at any fancy restaurant where they provide a romantic ambiance with light music.

If you are planning your vacation with your partner then you should take the flight to Puerto Vallarta and make your journey memorable as this place is one of the most romantic places in the world.

Best Resorts in Mexico for destinatio Wedding

Everyone’s dreams to married in a perfect way and their wedding occurred in the best place in the world.

Everyone knows this thing that Mexico is famous because of its culture and tradition.

But it is also famous for its beaches and beautiful architectural sites. If you ever visit Mexico for vacations then you will know that this is the perfect place for a dream wedding and people from all over the world visits this place.

If you want to find the best resorts in Mexico for a destination wedding then you can take the flights to Mexico City from Toronto and experienced your lavish wedding.

The most famous resorts for the dream wedding are as follows:


Hotel Esencia is a great resort for a wedding

Hotel Esencia is one of the famous resorts in Mexico and it is located in the middle of Tulum and Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya.

This beautiful and lavish resort has its own gym, spa, bar, boutique and other facilities.

If you want to arrange your wedding in the most decent way and want to host the guest in a lavish way then hotel Esencia is the best choice. It offers the best foods which are led by top chefs.

This hotel also gives some extra facilities for your guests to keep them busy as they offer free yoga and two swimming pool facility where they can spend their time.

They organized the event with the best DJ and the decoration is done by the best designer to make your night memorable.


Pool of the Rosewood Mayakoba hotel

Rosewood Mayakoba is also the famous resort in Mexico and the decoration is done by the top planner named JZ events.

JZ events organized many famous weddings and they offer the jungle lavish theme resort where guests can choose from 129 rooms and enjoy their wedding season.

The front of this resort is surrounded by a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the wedding dances and other things.


The famous NIZUC Resort & Spa

This beautiful place is located from just 10 min drive from Cancun airport but if you enter this resort you will feel like you are in heaven.

This resort is on 9 acres and 279 suites where you guest can stay and enjoy the wedding.

There are multiple beaches and two main swimming pools for the guest.

They organized the best wedding events and if you want to make your event memorable than this resort is one of them.


If you are a food lover and you are getting married then this resort is for you.

This resort provides you the multiple facilities and you can spend your time on the beaches of this resort.

If you want to host the best wedding in terms of food also then this is the best resort as it provides delicious Mexican culture food.

If you are dreaming about the lavish wedding in a resort then you can take a flight to Mexico city from Toronto for the dreamed wedding.

Mexico is famous for its cultural and historical sites but it is also famous for its beaches and resort where you can arrange your wedding.

Which are the differences between Mexico and Peru?

Mexico is a beautiful country that is famous for its culture and diversity.

This country has its own historical background and people from all over the world take the flights to Cancun to explore this beautiful place whereas on the other side Peru is also a beautiful country located in the south  America which is famous for its Amazon rainforest.

It is very simple that Mexico attracts more tourists from all over the world because of its beautiful beaches and architectural sites.

If we compare the things that make Mexico more beautiful and liveable are as follows:


Public transportation in Mexico City

If we discussed about the infrastructure then one thing you should keep in mind that Mexico is also famous for its architectural sites.

Mexico provides basic public transport in all the major cities where it is easier for tourists or locals to travel in the city.

If you talk about the grocery stores than Mexico leads in this because it has Wall-mart and many other famous marts where you can enjoy buying many other products whereas Peru does not have enough markets.

If you are a tourist or local Mexico, is way better than Peru.


Nightlife in Mexico is fantastic

If you are discussing about the nightlife then you should keep this thing in mind that Mexican people have one of the best nightlife in the world.

Mexican loves to dance and enjoy their life accordingly.

If you are planning for a vacation and comparing between the two countries Mexico or Peru than you should select Mexico because you can enjoy the parties at the beaches also.


This is not a secret that Mexico is fighting a war against drugs but it is one of the most famous travel destinations for the tourist where people spend their time on the beaches and relax.

If you want to travel and enjoy the best vacations then Mexico is one of the destinations you can plan to go.

Mexico is safe for tourists as it hosts almost a million tourists every year whereas on the other hand, Peru is famous for its cocaine production so it is better to travel to Mexico because it has many beautiful sites you have to visit and make your vacations memorable with your family or friend.


A good dish of pozole

If you are a food lover then you know this thing that Mexican have their own and different taste.

People from all over the world who visits Mexico wants to eat their local food because of its ingredient.

If you visited Mexico then you will understand this thing that this place is best for food lovers.

If you are planning to travel and you are confused between Peru and Mexico than you can take a flight to Cancun because Mexico is way better than Peru in terms of infrastructure, safety, nightlife, food and other things.

Culture and Art of Mexico Hidden from The World

If you are able to get the cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto, you have to avail of this opportunity for sure.

This is because Mexico is that country in the world that has its unique art and culture that is totally designed and evolved by the people over there.

To explore it, to learn something good from them, to research about them, or to simply enjoy their art and culture, you have to visit this place.

For those who are unable to go there have the option of our article where they will find a lot of information about its culture and art.

Culture of Mexico

Ruins of El Rey in Cancun

The culture of Mexico is very rich, and just like any other country, they have so many traditions and festivals that they follow religiously in this region.

Let us learn about them in the section given below.

  1. The Family culture of Mexico is very popular and strong. Unlike other parts of Europe and in the USA where the family does not lie together most of the time, the situation in this place is quite different. They have family and then extended family members too which include their cousins and friends.
  2. Hosting parties is the culture in this country where they invite tourists and visitors to their homes, host them parties, help them with food and even money sometimes.
  3. There is one of the most popular festivals in the region that is celebrated by people every year. It is the celebration of the 15th birthday of a Lady in which she is given the tribute of being strong from childhood to her adulthood. It is a kind of women empowerment gesture that they celebrate as their festival.

Art of Mexico

Mural from the Street Museum

The arts of Mexico are as good as the art of any other country and is even richer compared to its culture. Let us explore and confirm how is it so.

  1. Clay pottery art is very common in Mexico, and many people have their livelihood associated with it too.
  2. Cotton garments and woolen shawls are embraided with the very fine thread also show the artistic side of the country people.
  3. Mexican folk music is one of its types and that is something very soothing for the ears, so that is another hallmark of its art section that one can explore on coming here.
  4. The famous artists of Mexico have great paintings in which vibrant colors are used and they are of many types from abstract to landscape and sketches.

As soon as you get the notification of cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto, book your ticket right away.

Impressive ruins of Tulum

In most part of the year, the bookings are done before time but a few instances they declare it suddenly so you may better garb that opportunity to go and explore the culture and art of this beautiful place.

In most of the places in the world, the culture and art of Mexico are still unknown.

So, you can become a source of exploring and spreading it.


Cool Activities to Enjoy with Kids in Cancun

As you find out that the flights to Mexico City are offered at cheap rates, you must try to book one for yourself.

It is very important because with the help of this you can travel at lower rates and with more money in pocket to explore as much as you want in the country.

If you are thinking about traveling to this place in the future and you have no knowledge about the cool activities you can experience in this place, then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Let us learn about them in detail.

1.      Experience Culture and Art

Mayan ruins of El Rey

These people speak English and Spanish language, they greet even strangers with a great smile on the face, they like to hist people who come as a tourist to this country, their artists use vibrant colors to make abstract art pieces, and much more.

Keeping all of these things in mind, you must be now sure how cool this country is for tourists to experience.

2.      Swimming, Suba Diving, and Sailing

Cancun offers a great sea for sailing

Swimming in the warm blue seawater of Mexico is a great experience that you must get on reaching here.

Also, in the sea, there are dolphins which normally swim with the people so you can experience that too.

They are harmless and very friendly; therefore, you should give this a try. Other than swimming, you can also avail of the option of scuba diving and sailing in the sea.

Along with dolphins, there are many other seas animals too who can make you feel like a dream. So, try this out for sure as you go to this place for vacations.

3.      Try Out Pirate Shows

Pirate show in Cancun

One of the most popular pirates shows in the world is the Jolly Roger Pirate Show which is conducted in Mexico.

It lasts for more than two hours and people love to attend it, especially the tourists. This is not only a show in which you see various clips, but it also offers dinner and drinks to the visitors for free.

The charges you have to pay to attend it are inclusive of the dinner and drinks, so this makes the whole activity very affordable for people.

For children who are below the age of 12 years are offers chicken nuggets and hot dogs.

While for the elders there is much more variety to try out.

If you go there, then make sure you attend this one because it is quite amusing to attend as a family.

After you book flights to Mexico City for yourself and your family, the next thing you guys need to do is to start exploring the place online.

Know about the various places, activities, festivals, arts, culture, and food of the place.

This research will help you out in enjoying the vacation much more when you reach here.

The above-mentioned points reflect clearly the options that can prove to be helpful for you to enjoy your trip to this country in the future.



5 reasons Cancun is different from Riviera Maya

Both Cancun and Riviera Maya are located very close and both are popular vacation spots.

Here we will differentiate these two neighbors based on the biggest differences between them. Located on the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is a large city.

Riviera Maya is in the southern region of Cancun. Both are not same but still they are compared a lot.

You can opt for cheap flights to Cancun for your next trip to Mexico whenever you plan to visit Mexico.

5 Main reasons


Magnificent beach in Cancun

  • Cancun is a city. It has a population of almost one million and it is a metropolitan city.
  • Most tourism zones are outside the main city because the main beauty of Cancun Is nature.
  • There are hotels and entertainment businesses are highly concentrated.
  • For tourists there are small hotels all around the place.
  • Riviera Maya is a region and it includes many small cities and most of them are located on the coastline of the beach.
  • Largest city resides 2.5 million.


One of the many parks in Cancun

  • In Cancun the most activities an average person can do is partying, but it is rather expensive.
  • In Riviera Maya you can visit natural caves.
  • Famous parks and many other resorts.

Places to visit

A place to visit, Mayan Museum in Cancun

  • You can visit different museums and beaches in Cancun.
  • The main highlight is an underwater museum which can be visited with shipwreck snorkeling tour.
  • Riviera Maya is a region that has many cities in it, here you can visit beaches and watch some turtles there.


  • In Cancun there are some shopping malls, but the pricing policies are same as the in the US.
  • In Riviera Maya there are many shopping malls, bars, clubs and restaurants which provide tourists with better options and rates.

Pricing and budget

  • There are many expensive resorts and hotels in Cancun. These are along the beach, but you can get any budget and there are hotels with variety of price ranges.
  • Because of being a region of cities, Riviera Maya has many options for the tourists and these options are cheaper.

These were some of the basic differences why these places are compares.

People don’t bother they are comparing a city to region that has many cities in it. Beside this both are very beautiful places to visit.

If you are on a trip to Mexico, you can use cheap flights to Cancun. Visiting these two destinations should be on your priority list because these places are very beautiful, and the beaches will give you the peace of mind.


Reasons to Book the Tours in Puerto Vallarta 

In the Jalisco state of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a small town that is a tourist attraction for so many years.

Other than just offering Puerto Vallarta cheap flights, there are so many other attractive things that this small place offers to the tourists coming to visit it from all parts of the world.

If you have never been to Puerto Vallarta, and you do not know anything about it, then this article is for you.

You will surely make a plan for the next vacation to this place after knowing the reasons why one needs to book a tour to Puerto Vallarta.

Let us get started with the information now.

1.      Scuba Diving

scuba diving is a great idea in Puerto Vallarta

The refreshing blue colored water in the beaches and sea of Puerto Vallarta will allow you to experience one of the breath-taking moments of your life.

Scuba diving is something that people enjoy the most when they come to Puerto Vallarta.

Well, if you book the tour for Puerto Vallarta and make sure to come on time, then this will be easy for you rather than waiting for a long time for your turn.

2.      Sailing

Sailing in Puerto Vallarta is a great idea

In the warm blue sea of Puerto Vallarta, you will find different types of wildlife.

So, to experience that, you can try sailing option which in itself is an adventure.

In the off-season, this is easy to get the chance for it, but in on-season, make sure you book the tour in advance to avail the opportunity.

3.      Swimming

A great acitvity to do in Puerto Vallarta, swimming

In Puerto Vallarta, you will get the chance of swimming in the beaches and other bigger water bodies.

While doing that, you will come across the dolphins that will swim with you. They will surely have a very friendly interaction with you as they do not attack humans.

Well, to experience such an overwhelming thing, you are supposed to book your tour here so that there is no doubt to miss it.

4.      Zip Lining

Within the Puerto Vallarta town of Mexico, you will find many jungles and waterfalls.

Along with these, there are some beaches too. So, when you get here for the vacations, you can experience something very different to explore all of it at once.

For this, zip lining is the best possible option. Through this, you can just go on with the flight in the air all above the beaches and the canopies of jungles.

This breath-taking experience will make you feel like a bird freely flowing all over the town.

After knowing so much about Puerto Vallarta, you must be now sure to come where and explore it as much as you can.

For this purpose, you can find the Puerto Vallarta cheap flights online through the various platforms which work in the country.

Make sure that you are planning the visits in the off-seasons because at that time you can easily find it.

While in on seasons, you have to make it at least one month earlier to be sure about the booking.

Is Montreal Expensive than Cancun


Montreal is a famous city located in Canada. Canada is a beautiful place and is famous for its educational and cultural diversity.

People from all over the world visit this beautiful place Montreal and spend their time in this city.

If you are traveling and considering for flights to Montreal or flights to Cancun, and don’t know which one is cheaper, then you should know that Montreal is really expensive or not.

To find out this thing you have to read the following points which are as follows:


Apartments located in Montreal

If you are planning to stay in Montreal then the first thing you have to do is to rent or buy an apartment.

If you are thinking about whether Montreal is expensive in terms of living than it is true.

Montreal is very expensive as it cost $5,486 per square of an apartment in Montreal as compared to Cancun it is very hard to live in Montreal.


Restaurant located in Montreal

If you are living in any city then food is the basic thing you have to eat.

If you want to eat the local street food in Montreal then the prices of the local street are also higher than Cancun.

If you want to discuss fancy restaurants then it is also expensive in Montreal.


Local market in Montreal

It is very hard to spend your life in any city especially in Montreal.

Montreal is the beautiful place in Canada and people wants to live in this city but if you want to compare this city with Cancun in terms of market and groceries, then Montreal is really expensive and you have to pay much more for basic things in Montreal as compared to Cancun.


Transportation is the first and basic right of every citizen living in any city.

Montreal provides you a world class standard transportation in the city but if you want to compare the prices of transportation of two cities,

Montreal or Cancun, the answer is Cancun’s transportation services are cheaper than Montreal.


If you are living in the beautiful city of Motreal and live your life then you should also care about your health.

You should always lookafter your body and to keep your body fit, you should play any sports.

Montreal is expensive in sports and other activities as compared to Cancun.

If you are thinking about which city is more expensive Montreal or Cancun.

Then the answer is simple Montreal is more expensive than Cancun but you do not need to take the Montreal to Cancun flight because Montreal is a beautiful place to live and you can spend your life wonderfully in this city.

Things you should do on your first visit in Cancun

Cancun is a beautiful place located in Mexico and  Mexico is famous for its beautiful cultural and historical sites.

Many people visit Cancun every year because of its beautiful beaches and if you are in love with the food then Cancun is your place to visit.

If you are planning to visit Cancun, then you could take Cancun cheap flights and spend your money on the beautiful places in Cancun.

Here are a few things you should do on your visit to Cancun are as follows:


Cancun got great hotels

Everyone who wants to visit Cancun knows this thing that Cancun is divided into two areas and the hotel zone is one of the areas in Cancun.

This famous and beautiful place is an island in Cancun. This place is surrounded by famous and luxury resorts where people enjoy the wild nightlife and spend their vacations on the beaches.

If you want to make yourself relax and make your journey memorable then Cancun is the best place to visit.


Visit Cancun's Downtown

The other famous area of the Cancun is the downtown area.

The downtown area of Cancun is a beautiful place where you can enjoy Mexican food and explore the beautiful city.

If you want to try the delicious street food of Cancun then visit the Downtown.


snorkeling in cancun is a great experience

If you want to explore the underwater world then cancun is the best place to visit.

Cancun offers you the best snorkeling areas neaby, where you can experience underwater swimming.

The best part of the underwater swimming is that you can explore the underwater museum and experienced a wonderful history.


Mexico is famous for its cenotes and Cancun has many cenotes near the city.

Cenotes are formed in limestone caves and they look beautiful. If you want to swim in cenotes then you should visit Cancun.


Cancun is a beautiful place in Mexico where people come to enjoy their beautiful time.

Many tourists visit this place every year and explore its beautiful beaches. If you are tired and you are taking stress then beaches are the best thing to reduce your stress and make yourself relax.

Cancun has many famous and wonderful beaches where you can spend your time in the scorching heat and make your journey memorable.

If you are taking Cancun cheap flights and visit this place to explore its beaches and other beautiful things in this city then do not waste your time and pack your bag to explore this city.

What to consider while traveling with pets?

Whenever you have to plan a trip then there are tons of details which you have to look at. Even, if you are going to add a pet in these details then the things may become overwhelming. Keep in mind the fact that whether you are going for a vacation or moving to a new place, it never means that you have to leave the cat, dog or any other pet behind. It is because you are free to travel with your pets.  However, whether you are traveling to your next city or looking for flights to Cancun, traveling with pets is always challenging. Here are some things which you must consider while traveling with your pets to stay calm, and comfortable throughout your journey.

Things you should consider while traveling with your pets

Have a look at the essential things which are necessary to consider whenever you have to travel with your pets:

Pets vacations

·        Understand the pet rules of your travel destination

If you want to travel internationally with your pet then you must research the pet rules of your destination place. Check the requirements and complete the paperwork accordingly. These rules can be different for every place. However, some countries have certain vaccination, quarantine, or health regulations. However, you can check the embassy’s website to know more about the place with ease.

·        Learn about the airline policy for pets

When it comes to travel with the pets then pet policies normally vary by airlines. Therefore, it is always necessary to research properly and understand your airline policy. This information will include details about how many pets you can bring with you. Where you have to stay during your flight or even how much you have to pay to fly with your pet? Well, all of these things will necessarily help you to know all.

airlines policy travel pets

·        Make sure to find a pet-friendly accommodation

When you have to live at any other place then for sure you will try to find the right accommodation. While searching for a place to leave you must look that the accommodation is pet-friendly or not. The selection of pet-friendly accommodation will surely help you to enjoy your stay with your pet.

·        Book your flight earlier

Every airline has a limit on how many pets will travel in each flight. Therefore, whenever you have to travel with your pets it is always recommended to book your flight earlier. Otherwise, you may not be able to bring your pet with you.

It is a vital fact that nothing is better than enjoying vacations.  But along with finding the best flights to Cancun, Florida, or any other place in the world understanding how to travel with pets is also necessary. However, by considering the things which are mentioned above will surely help you to manage the things in a more amazing way.