Growth with profitability: the great challenge for companies

The massive amount of information and more demanding consumers have driven companies to operate a more complex business, especially those that do not have the necessary tools. Sintec offers consulting focused on growth with profitability, through the design of a specific strategy.

Business people having a meeting in office with laptop

Many times companies make the mistake of thinking that the growth of their sales and gross contribution will translate into greater profitability, however in practice this may be different, so it is important to support customers to grow in a sustainable way This was stated by Fernando Espinosa, Frank Maes and Thomas Shimada, partners of Sintec, a Mexican business consultancy with 28 years of experience in Latin America.


The three partners of the Mexico City office shared with Forbes Mexico that over more than two decades, the firm has worked on more than 300 projects with leading companies in 17 countries, which has positioned Sintec as a leader in the region .


The Mexican firm has established itself in Monterrey, Mexico City, Bogotá and São Paulo offering a value proposition based on the profitable growth of its clients’ companies, through the design of a specific strategy.


“We seek to help our clients grow profitably. In the past we have observed that very few companies manage to grow profitably, because their operation becomes much more complex and what we do is help them manage that complexity that occurs when they grow ”, says Fernando Espinosa, partner Sintec.


Among the tangible benefits that Sintec has achieved in these years, is the impact on sales growth of between 20 and 50%, an increase of between 5 and 15% in operating profit, the increase in asset utilization of between 10 and 15%, the reduction of working capital of between 15 and 25% and the improvement in the level of service of between 5 and 15%.


The partners explain that the model that has been successful, both for the companies and for Sintec, has been to go from the design of a strategy to an implementation, that is, to indicate to the clients what to do and accompany them during the process, ensuring that the companies develop organizational capabilities.


“The most successful projects have been those in which there has been a diagnosis, a design and an implementation,” they detailed.

The crucial moment in decision making


Currently, companies are exposed to large amounts of information, which makes it difficult to operate a business, therefore, it is vitally important to have tools that provide companies with specific information when making decisions.


Sintec has implemented the Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) tool, which specializes in predicting the different possible business scenarios and suggesting courses of action.


In this regard, Thomas Shimada, Sintec partner explains: “Although today there are highly trained people in companies, the reality is that many decisions are still made by intuition. What we are looking for is that our clients’ decisions are made based on hard data and with BAO we use technology for that data exploration ”.