Mexico common mistakes

Common mistakes you should not make in Mexico

Millions of tourists visit Mexico per day. A very few tourists are aware of Mexican culture, markets, restaurants, and geography. So, people make mistake during their visit to Mexico by availing cheap flights to Mexico. For the benefit of tourists, here are some common mistakes identified by locals and every tourist should not make these mistakes to fully enjoy there a tour in Mexico.

1.      Long Stay in Mexico City

Mexico is a big state in North America that has several cities, towns, and villages to explore. People that come to visit Mexico usually make long stays in Mexico country. This common mistake is identified by locals that tourist remains confined to Mexico country during a major period of their stay in the state. Mexico has many historical cities and towns that must be explored to take full advantage of the tour. The beauty of small villages and towns should be explored to satisfy tourism taste. So, don’t restrict yourself to the country of Mexico country and go out to explore the city.

2.      Paying with US Doller

Pesos Is the currency that is used for shopping in markets. Most of tourists don’t know that many sellers in Mexico do not like to do business in US dollars. So, after entering Mexico, first you have to exchange your dollar currency into Pesos. You have to use this currency for paying bills in the Market or fair in the local transport system.

3.      Only Speaking English

Most of the tourist usually unaware of the fact that not every local in Mexico can speak English. During travel and shopping, most of the tourists speak English. This is a big mistake that tourists should not commit. Few words of Spanish are enough for tourists to calmly spend their time in Mexico, like how to get advices, how much does  cost something, or where you can buy medicins or supplies. Maybe you want to learn basic phrases for this situations.

4.      Drinking Unfiltered Water

Drinking unfiltered water is another big mistake that tourists mostly do during their visits to Mexico. This practice is unhealthy and can cause many problems. Stomach disturbance is common in tourists due to the consumption of unfiltered tap water.

5.      Costly Flight Packages

Most of tourist travel to Cancun that is a famous tourist destination with costly flight packages. While traveling to Cancun tourists should make some research about cheap flights to Cancun. Many companies book tickets and schedule cheap flights to Cancun. The tourist must take advantage of these cheap flights to Cancun to save money that can be utilized in another way.

People while traveling around to the world , tourist should do some efforts for making cheap flights to Mexico  and do research about culture, flight packages, tourism spots, geography, and markets. There is no need to book every package online before arrival in Mexico. Little research can make anybody able to find feasible packages for flight, accommodation, and camping.