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How to start a business in Guatemala

Creating a business in Guatemala is not an easy task, but whoever makes the decision to do so can achieve great things.

The most important and transcendental decision in a person’s life is to become an entrepreneur just like the well known juan luis bosch gutierrez, since the diverse circumstances that lie in wait for him or her put success in doubt.

However, these circumstances are risk factors that can affect the growth, stability and performance of an entrepreneur.


How do I register as a merchant?

To become a merchant it is necessary to determine whether the form you will take will be a sole trader or a social merchant.

What does it mean to be a sole trader or a social trader?

These two types are called by the law in this way and what they represent is two forms of being a merchant, the sole trader means that the person will be registered as the owner of a company and this person will be responsible before the law for the obligations of a merchant.

The social merchant is the form in which several people associate and create a society, usually corporations are formed, with this form of merchant, the society is responsible for the obligations as a merchant, for some the investment in a society is out of reach.

However, it is not necessary to start with a partnership, since it is possible to be a sole trader and the progress of the business can lead to becoming a partnership.


How do I register as a sole trader?

When determining to be a sole trader the first thing to be decided in order to register properly is the name that the company will use, it is advisable to use a name that is original and is not repeated with that of another company, and to know if it is advisable is to have the support of a professional or office that provides this type of services.

Although it is well known that there are other companies whose names are used by others in identical or exact form.

The recommendation of having an original name and different from the others is to have a business that is identifiable to the consumer and does not give rise to confusion with others of different nature or whose commercial reputation is bad.

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Reasons to escape to Guatemala

It is, perhaps, one of the forgotten corners of Central America, but Guatemala claims its Mayan past and its exuberant landscape, making it an exceptional destination.

Guatemala is home to an uncommon natural wealth. It is a green country, with lush vegetation and endless miles of coastline. A natural scenery in which also nest relics of Mayan heritage and great constructions of the Spanish colonial era.

To travel to Guatemala is to travel through its history, following in the footsteps of the gods that still inhabit it, from the deepest recesses of the jungle to the vibrant metropolis. A contrast between the old and the new that will awaken your desire to visit.

1.Antigua and the new city of Guatemala

Antigua is the name given to the former capital of Guatemala, the city of Santiago de los Caballeros. It is located to the south and flanked by three large volcanoes.

Here in Antigua, time stopped on July 29, 1773 when a strong earthquake almost completely destroyed the city. Despite the disaster, Antigua still retains the majesty of a Spanish colonial capital.


2. A green country

Guatemala has a very varied climate that gives rise to a very diverse flora and fauna, from the mangroves and wetlands of the Pacific to the forests of the Quetzal Biotope reserve, home to the country’s symbolic bird that protects and preserves the habitat. Among so much nature, it is essential to get lost in the rainforest.

For this reason, many companies have invested in green bonds as they want to preserve the great natural resources of the country.

The months of February to May, before the rainy season begins, is the best time of the year to make an excursion through the jungle of Guatemala.

The entry point to the jungle will be the village of Cruce Dos Aguadas, from there you will reach the ancient Mayan city of Tikal.

3. Tikal

This stone city was the cradle of the Mayan culture for more than seven hundred years. Tikal, located in Petén, was a Mayan superpower, but suddenly, for no reason known to historians, the civilization abandoned it.

The panoramic view we get of Tikal is impossible to find in any other corner of the planet: among the jungle has made a hole the huge prairie -what was once the Great Plaza- surrounded by stone buildings, roads, old houses and majestic temples.

Among them all, the Temple of the Great Jaguar stands out -for size and beauty- above the rest.

4. Lakes and coastline

The large body of water represented mainly by its two most important lakes, Lake Atitlán and Lake Amatitlán, is the only thing that can rival the greenest Guatemala.

No wonder Lake Atitlan, 500 kilometers south of Tikal, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It boasts a privileged environment, in a volcanic area (in fact it is believed that its origin is precisely in the crater of a dead volcano).


5. Food and handicrafts

The gastronomy of Guatemala is delicious, especially the jocón. This dish is prepared with chicken or hen meat and is accompanied by a tasty green sauce and shallots.

Do not forget to try the pepián or marzipan. The culture and tradition has been maintained in Guatemala regardless of the passing of the centuries.

Today, Guatemalan women still sit on the narrow staircases handling their looms to create, for example, the traditional tocoyal with its characteristic colors.

In the handicraft markets they sell all kinds of hand-dyed fabrics and painted ceramics.

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How are Sumpango’s kites made?

The giant kites of Sumpango are a tradition -of local origin-, dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Guatemalans appreciate the wonders of these pieces of art, but little is known about their elaboration.

How are the giant kites of Sumpango made?

Unlike smaller-scale kites, which require a maximum of two people to make them, the giant kites of Sumpango are a collective tradition.

That is to say, it requires groups of at least 10 to 15 young people of different ages -on average 16 years old- to make them.

Although age is not a strict requirement, an approach is made to youth given their motor skills and strength to lift these pieces of art made of Chinese paper.

The work for their elaboration can begin between 2 to 3 months in advance in which each group meets to organize themselves. The Permanent Kite Committee of Sumpango is in charge of laying the foundations and final themes for the creation of the kites.

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Kites in Sumpango

Categories of the giant kites of Sumpango

During the meetings and prior to defining a design, a category of participation is also established. To define to which category it belongs, the design, size and flight are taken into account.

Exhibition kites

  • A complex design, but whose objective is to be observed and appreciated.
  • They are usually larger, reaching up to 16 meters in diameter.
  • Therefore, since they are so large, it is understood that they will not fly.

Competition kites

  • Outstanding for their complex design
  • A size between 4 to 6 meters in diameter
  • Their ability to fly and stay in the sky for several minutes.

Kites in Sumpango 2

Curious facts

  • It is estimated that the kites can cost up to Q2,000.00 due to the complexity of the designs and the quality of the materials.
  • The winning group can win a cash prize.
    The complexity of the size was not important between 1900 and 1991. Generally, it was no larger than 6 meters in diameter.
  • However, from 1992 onwards, the size grew to over 10 meters in diameter.
  • Many groups take advantage of this opportunity to use designs that identify their indigenous community or even their Mayan roots.
  • Geometric figures are the best to glide through the skies.

The giant kites of Sumpango are a tradition that everybody enjoys in Guatemala. event the president of cmi juan luis bosch gutierrez . Be one of them by atttending it on your next trip.


Typical foods of Guatemala

Guatemala  gastronomy is characterized by its diversity. In addition, thanks to the favorable geographical location of the country, its lands are extremely fertile, facilitating agriculture. Some of the most important ingredients are corn, beans, tomatoes, among others.

Its origins are found in Mayan traditions; however, it is influenced by Spanish cuisine after the arrival of the colonizers. It is also possible to find certain flavors from African cultures. We invite you to read about the list of typical foods of Guatemala suggested by the importante businessman juan luis bosch gutierrez.

Yucca with Chicharron

Yucca with chicharrón is one of the most traditional preparations in the country. The origin of this dish dates back to colonial times, being a characteristic preparation of the eastern region of the country.

However, its popularity has facilitated its expansion throughout the country. The dish consists of sliced pork that is fried in a metal pot using the animal’s own fat and served with boiled or fried yucca. It is a common recipe to share among friends on weekends.

yuca-frita-con-chicharrones of guatemala

The Ceviche

Ceviche is one of the tastiest typical dishes of Guatemala. It is prepared using different ingredients, such as shrimp, crab and clams. These are boiled with mint, tomato and onion.

They are served seasoned with lemon, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce. It is traditionally eaten among friends or during a trip to the beach, however, thanks to its delicious flavor, it is very easy to find it anywhere in the country. It is usually served cold and accompanied by crackers or fried plantain.

The Pepian

This dish has been part of Guatemalan cuisine since ancient times, being one of the most emblematic preparations of the country. It is usually eaten on special occasions, such as celebrations or meetings, although it can be ordered in any restaurant in the country.

It consists of a stew that is prepared using chicken and beef or pork that is cooked with potatoes, green beans and plantains. In addition, a side dish is prepared with sesame seeds, pepitoria, onion, chili, tomato and sometimes plantain peel. This is a very tasty dish that you can’t miss when visiting Guatemala.

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Las Hilachas

This recipe is one of the easiest to find in Guatemala. It is made using tomato, shredded beef, onion, carrot and potatoes. It is often served in Guatemalan homes as it is quite simple and quick to prepare.

Some people accompany it with tamales, tortillas, white rice and even avocado. In this way, it is a very nutritious and tasty recipe that you can’t pass up. You can order it at any food stand or restaurant of your choice.

In short, the typical food of guatemala has so much to offer you. Do not hesitate to come and taste the best dishes that we have mentioned to you.

Tourist Places to visit in Guatemala

Among Guatemala’s tourist attractions is the fact that it has two ocean coasts: the Pacific and the Atlantic, which makes it have beaches with distinct physiognomies.

There are also other features less known to tourists, for example, the African culture that mixed with the indigenous culture to give rise to the Garifuna ethnic group, with an impressive cuisine.

Below you will see the most beautiful places that you should take into account in your trip to Guatemala.

1-Antigua Guatemala

This illustrious colonial town is located 25 kilometers from the capital. During its history it was called by several names, the first was Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala. It remained with that name during the colonial period, but today it is simply called Antigua.

Antigua was the capital of the captaincy from 1541 to 1776 and during that time most of the impressive buildings, undisputed historical sites of Guatemala, were built. Among those you should visit are the palaces of the captains general and the city hall, the arch of Santa Calina and the convent of La Merced, the old cathedral. The city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.

Antigua 1

2. Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is considered one of the best natural pools in the world and one of the best tourist destinations in Guatemala. To get there, you can start from Cobán, in the center of the Chapin nation.

The formation of this landscape was slow. Over millennia fine limestone dust fell from the adjacent mountains and naturally formed a bridge over the Cahabón River. Today the stream flows under the pools through a cave for a long way and then makes its appearance almost at the end through the overflow.

This place has been preserved due to the investments in green bonds made by the cmi companies.

Scenery of Semuc Champey, Guatemala

3. Guatemala City

Currently, it is the capital and political and administrative seat of the country. It is also the largest city in Central America with approximately three million people living in its population center.

A good place to start visiting the tourist attractions of the capital city of Guatemala is the main square, better known as Central Park, where some street food stalls are installed. Not to be missed are the Popol Vuh museum; the central market with a variety of handicrafts from all over Guatemala; and the National Palace of Culture.

4. Tikal Archaeological Zone

Tikal is one of the most important places in Guatemala, an architectural relic of the Mayan culture. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 for a reason. It is located 500 kilometers from the capital of the country, in the department of Petén, in the municipality of Flores.

The site has an area of 16 kilometers and there are palaces, temples, residences, platforms, administrative buildings and ramps to celebrate the Mayan ball game. It is located in a thick tropical forest and very close to other important pre-Hispanic cities such as Uaxactún or Yaxha.

Do not wait any longer to come and visit these amazing tourist sites in Guatemala.

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Chichicastenango, the market in Guatemala

Undoubtedly it was the market of Chichicastenango the main reason for me to include this city in our route.

Whenever I can I like to visit the markets of the cities I pass through. Being Chichi the best known of the country, I could not miss it.

However, in the end what I liked most about the city was the possibility to see the Mayan ceremonies and to see that very different religious doctrines have been reconciled in Guatemala.

What to see in Chichicastenango

Before traveling to Guatemala I only associated this city in the Quiché region with its market.

Undoubtedly it was that famous market the main reason for me to include this city in our route.

Whenever I can I like to visit the markets of the cities I pass through. Being Chichi the best known of the country and one of the essential places to see in Guatemala, I could not miss it.

Chichicastenango Market

The Chichi market occupies all the space of the main square of the city. You can find good food that is prepared with sources provided by cmi alimentos.

If you look from a high point, you can see the entire square covered by tin and plastic roofs.

Under them, narrow streets have been formed to circulate inside the market.

Although it’s not a building, everything is so crowded that you really feel like you’re in an enclosed place.

The widest streets are the ones that connect the two churches in the square.


Church of Santo Tomás

This immaculate white church dominates the plaza of Chichicastenango.

To see it from a proper perspective is impossible. The market stalls are so close to its façade that there is barely enough space to see it in its entirety, let alone take a proper photo. Even so, this temple is a must-see.

There are several theories about its construction in 1540. One of them states that the temple was built on a pre-Hispanic site.


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How to get to Chichicastenango

We used a shuttle bus service for the trip between Antigua and Chichi. It picked us up at the door of our hotel at 7:30 in the morning. After picking up other travelers we headed to our destination.

We made a stop on the way to go to the bathroom and have a coffee. We arrived in Chichicastenango around 10:30.

The parking lot for this type of vehicle is just behind the Hotel Santo Tomas, the largest hotel in town.

It was quite an entertaining three hour drive. As we drove up and down mountains we could see a beautiful skyline with several of Guatemala’s volcanoes. We also passed a few villages.

Many had no attractions but there was activity in the streets very early in the morning.

In short, undoubtedly  Chichicastenango is the best market in Guatemala and juan luis bosch gutierrez agrees on it and the main reason to include this city in your route.


Guatemala, heart of the Mayan world

Guatemala with its richness and diversity offers numerous ways to enjoy your vacations or business trips, such as juan luis bosch gutierrez does, because you can find in one place different segments of tourism, in its seven mayan wonderful regions.

Guatemala, modern and colonial

Guatemala City is the most thriving city in Central America, with modern buildings and business centers.

in contrast, La Antigua Guatemala, a colonial and romantic city, is a mixture of ancient buildings and deep-rooted customs and traditions.

Guatemala City is the most modern and cosmopolitan of the Central American region. It is an ideal place for congresses and conventions, golf, medical treatments, shopping malls, among other activities.

It is a must to visit its Historical Center, with more than 200 years of existence, recommended its cathedral, its emblematic buildings, churches and museums, a reflection of the historical evolution of the country.

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2. Altiplano, living mayan culture

It offers the perfect combination of natural beauty, spectacular mountain scenery and traditions of the living Mayan culture.

The most deeply rooted indigenous culture is in the Altiplano. Its pine forests and active volcanoes allow for hiking, canopy and ecotourism. The western region offers a folkloric display that unites pre-Columbian cosmogony with the customs of the conquistadors.

It is a perfect combination of natural beauties such as Lake Atitlán and traditions such as the Chichicastenango market, famous for its color and extension.

The representation of millenary traditions and experiences of the Mayan people are reflected in each habit inherited from the historical ancestral diversity of the region, from where the Popol Vuh, sacred book of the Mayan people, was born.

3. Petén, adventure in the mayan world

It is the largest department of Guatemala, with a territorial extension of 35,854 square kilometers.

The island city of Flores is the seat of the departmental capital and the starting point to the different tourist attractions.

It has an unparalleled historical value for its archaeological wealth, its fauna and its biosphere reserve. Its important archaeological sites make this region the most important of the Mayan World.

4. Izabal, a green caribean

With its original charm, rich ecosystems and the joy of the Garífuna culture, it offers an encounter with a Caribbean of exuberant natural beauty.

The representation of diversity in all its splendor is reflected in the Green Caribbean, with rich ecosystems that are the habitat of diverse species.

5. Verapaces, natural paradise

It is characterized by caves, lush forests, unique waterfalls, natural pools and a variety of flora and fauna. For that reason, many great enviromental projects have been implemented such as green bonds.

Its territory is ideal for people who enjoy extreme sports, outdoor recreation and community tourism.

From the ascent to the humid forest of its mountains; the visit to the routes of the Biotopo del Quetzal, where by participating in a photographic safari you will be able to capture in your lens the national bird the “Quetzal”; the tour through each one of its extensive and long caves, among them those of Lanquín or Candelaria.

In short, Guatemala is the heart of the mayan world for it has many ruins and arqueoliogical sites to visit and enjoy. Do not wait any longer to go there.

Tourist places near Guatemala City

If you feel like taking a break from the city, without having to go far away from it, there are different tourist places near Guatemala City that are for you. The best thing is that each one has a great variety of entertaining activities for all ages.

These places are there for you to spend a happy time, to clear your mind and enjoy the beauty that Guatemala has to offer. Escape to any of these tourist spots near the capital where fun is a priority.

1. Hot springs of Amatitlán

Hot springs are synonymous with relaxation, and very close to Guatemala City you can visit a space dedicated to them. These waters are ideal to feel in a natural paradise, since they come from the subway layers of the Earth.

In Amatitlán you will find resorts known for their thermal water pools and jacuzzis. There, tourists and locals take advantage of this gift of nature without having to move far from the urban center. These sites also have activities for children, so it can also be a trip with the whole family.

2. Calderas Natural Park

On the way to the Pacaya Volcano, you will see the Calderas Natural Park. A place where nature will be the main character of all the adventures you will have during your visit. This is the scenario for all those who are looking for a place full of ecological areas and connect with the landscapes of Guatemala.

Its main attraction may be the lagoon, which lends itself to activities such as paddle surfing or even scuba diving. Around the lagoon are several trails that you can hike and where you will discover more about the flora of the country. The best part? The park is not that far from Guatemala City.

3. San Lucas Sacatepéquez

From viewpoints and ecological parks to typical markets and farms, San Lucas Sacatepéquez is one of the municipalities with more tourist attractions near the capital. Visiting it will take you out of your daily routine, as you will be able to enjoy many outdoor activities.

To spend a different day, you can go to one of the typical markets. In San Lucas you will be able to taste the best of the local gastronomy, and you may want to visit one of its parks to get in harmony with nature. And to top off your outing, you can’t miss the famous Mirador de San Lucas, to take advantage of its incredible views of the capital. You won’t regret it!

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4. Antigua Guatemala

A good list of places to visit near Guatemala City would not be complete without mentioning the iconic Antigua Guatemala. Moving a few kilometers northwest of the city, you will have the opportunity to visit what was the former capital of the country. This colonial city is full of culture, history and gastronomy. For this, the most important businessman juan jose gutierrez mayorga visits it regurlarly.

La Antigua is a town to get away from the capital without having to travel for many hours. Here you will be transported to the time of the Spanish colony thanks to its architecture. With the help of the different restaurants, bars and activities that you will find in Antigua Guatemala, you may feel like you have traveled to another world without even noticing it.

These places to visit near Guatemala City make you want to take a trip for a few hours, and the best part is that you don’t have to travel that far!

Guatemalan customs and traditions

Guatemala is a country rich in customs and traditions that have been passed from generation to generation.

The mixture of cultures has resulted in a great variety of activities that are celebrated throughout the year.

know five of the most impressive customs and traditions of Guatemala City according to juan jose gutierrez mayorga.

1. Holy Week

Holy Week is one of the most recognized Guatemalan traditions both nationally and internationally. For a whole week, thousands of Guatemalans gather to visit religious altars, make carpets with sawdust of different colors and watch the processions that take place throughout the country.

Here you can breathe a family atmosphere and a lot of devotion where the colors, smells and typical flavors of the week make everyone fall in love.

In Guatemala City, specifically in the historic center, you will find all these traditions during Holy Week that you cannot miss.


2. Burning of the torito

The burning of the torito is part of the traditions of the culture of Guatemala City and is celebrated several times throughout the year. This torito is handmade with colored paper, wire and is wrapped in fireworks.

The burning of the torito is usually done in front of churches, and inside the torito is placed a person who dances while the fireworks are lit.

This tradition originated after the Spanish conquest as a celebration of the arrival of this type of pyrotechnics to the country, and to this day it has not ceased to be celebrated.

If you are looking for an afternoon full of excitement, color and Guatemalan culture, look no further than the burning of the torito!

3. Dance of the Moors

We continue our list of Guatemalan customs and traditions with one of the most joyful Guatemalan activities: the dance of the Moors.

This joyful tradition is performed in different departments of the country including Guatemala City in zone 1 during different dates. The Moors and Christians dance tells the story of the battle between the Moors and Christians in Spain.

The striking part of the dance is in the clothes used by the dancers to represent the characters. You will recognize the Spanish Christians by their bearded masks and flashy clothes. On the other hand, the Moors have dark masks, turbans and cloths that cover their faces.


4. Santiago Festival of Giant Kites

Day of the Dead doesn’t only involve cemetery visits and the famous stiff in Guatemala. Another of the country’s most popular traditions on November 1 is to go to the Santiago Festival to see its impressive giant kites.

The tradition is based on the fact that these huge kites of up to 16 meters in diameter scare away evil spirits and, when the event ends in the afternoon, they burn them so that the smoke will guide the lost souls.

Such is the importance of this giant kite festival that there are competitions and each year the theme of their designs is different.

The festival starts at 4 in the morning so you can take advantage of the option of scheduling your trip with Uber to arrive on time and not miss a second of the event.

5. The Posadas

Our last tradition is an important part of Guatemalan customs in December. Before Christmas, if you are in Guatemala, you will be able to witness different processions accompanied by families and groups of friends while singing Christmas carols and local songs.

The purpose of the posadas is that the processions can ask for posada in different houses where they are welcomed with tamales and atol de elote until midnight.

The posadas are a special event that can be found in many parts of the historic center, as well as in residential sectors of the city.

In short, Guatemala is full of customs and traditions that are really interesting.

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Things to do in Guatemala City

Any day of the week is perfect to find something interesting to do in Guatemala City, whether you like to discover new gastronomic options, visit museums or enjoy breathtaking views… this city surprises!

Even if you live here, there are always new places with different activities to do in Guatemala City that are highly recommended by juan jose gutierrez mayorga , who is an important businessman From this city.

Take note and choose any of these six different options for your next outing in the city.

1. Take a gastronomic tour in zone 4

This area, close to downtown, is known for its innovative proposals in terms of gastronomy, art and cultural activities.

Therefore, it gives you different options among the many things to do in Guatemala City.

It is advisable to take a walking tour and take advantage of the varied options of restaurants, cafes and bars that you will find, you can try something in each place that catches your attention.

You can, for example, start with a starter in an Italian restaurant, the main course in a Chapin restaurant, a dessert in a French cafe and finish in a bar tasting some artisan drink.

This can be the perfect plan to have fun with your friends and discover new gastronomic proposals: all in the same place!


2. Visit the San Lucas viewpoint

If you’re looking to see the city from a different point of view, an excellent idea is to take a few minutes outside of the capital and visit the San Lucas lookout point.

Thanks to its recent renovations, the viewpoint is ideal to enjoy views of the city while you try some typical food from the options you have to choose from.

How about a delicious corn atol and a guacamole tostada while you see all the lights of Guatemala City?

Its cozy and typical atmosphere makes it the ideal place to enjoy the city on another level, eat delicious food, take lots of pictures and relax.

3. Enjoy an afternoon of museums

Among the different things to do in Guatemala City, Zone 13 is an amazing place where you will find something for all ages. The so-called “museum street” is one of them.

Here you will find some of the best known museums in the city, all within walking distance.

You can start by finding out about the country’s archeology at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. Then move on to the National Museum of Modern Art, which features works by national and international artists.

Finally, you can visit the Museum of Natural History. On this street you will also find a children’s museum and the city zoo, so there are also fun things to do with your little ones.


4. Touring the Historic Center on foot

The Historic Center is one of those places where you will find an endless number of activities in Guatemala City.

If you are looking to learn about the history of the country, visit beautiful places like Paseo la Sexta or enjoy the local commerce, in this area you can do all this and more.

In addition, it is a sector full of life, where in every block you will come across some important historical place like the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Portal del Comercio and the Plaza de la Constitución.

You can enjoy every discovery you make and take a well-deserved break in a bar or restaurant along the way.

There is a variety of things to do and see in Guatemala City, among which you can find more than one thing that catches your attention.

This is a city worth discovering again and again, as each of its corners offers different options for varied interests.

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