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Issues you can face in flight and how to avoid them

The air travelling is one of the best travelling experiences but some people have bad experience or they are unable to enjoy it because of many reasons. Each flights to puerto vallarta is full of surprises and entertainment. If you coming from another city of Mexico, it will take less time to reach at the destination. Air travelling is considered as the comfortable one but still people are facing different types of issues while travelling. Let’s check out what kind of issues people can face and how to avoid them.

Issues you can face in flight and how to avoid them:

1.     Height phobia:

Some people are dealing with this disorder and if you have a fear of height it does not mean that you can’t travel. We are recommended you to take the center seat rather than window seat. Trust me; your whole journey will be complete without any problems.

people in the highs of building

2.     Seat issue:

Some people also deal with uncomfortable seat like the girl getting a seat between two annoying boys or your seat next to the crazy family. These issues are minor and can be resolve with the help of flight attendant. She/he will exchange your seat with someone else or may be provide empty place because not all the flights are flying full.

3.     Long flight issues:

When you take several flights to puerto vallarta, you must know the issues of long flight. After sitting for the long time, the legs get start to pain and the rest of the journey become so hard. To avoid this issue, you can walk in the plane. Go to the washroom or take small walk in the plane. It’s very effective tip that you must remember while travelling anywhere. Especially the flights to puerto vallarta are provide the comfortable air journey and their planes are wide enough so you can easily walk inside the plane.

seat issues

4.     Staff behavior issues:

Some airlines are famous for their excellent services but some are because of their low class service. People use to prefer cheap flight rates and some time you might experience the bad staff behavior or low class service. So, the best way to avoid this issue is to check the reviews of the airline.

5.     Bathroom issues:

We all know the size of the bathroom is mini, if you are not comfortable in it then you must control yourself during flight. Avoid drinks and extra meal. All the airports have clean and free bathroom service that you can use. it is recommended to get free before boarding.

airplane bathroom

In short, if you have any medical issue, you can take the assistance of the staff. They will provide you all the possible solutions.


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