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Hotels in mexico that rescue turtles every year

Mexico is a unique country, and has a lot of hotels that are on, or near beaches. There are many lavish hotels that are built with this view in mind.
Beaches are really amazing places, filled with water, sand and small creatures that sometimes wash up ashore. One of such creatures are turtles. Turtles are extremely slow creatures that are sometimes helpless on their own, so they get lost or hurt.

However, there are some hotels in Mexico that rescue turtles every year. If you are looking to book flights to Mexico City, we definitely recommend that you go out to other cities and check these hotels out:

JW Marriott Cancun and Marriott Cancun Resort, Mexico

The Cancun resort in Mexico is one of the most beautiful hotels in all of Mexico. Because it is located near the beach, countless sea turtles wash up ashore – some to lay eggs, and some due to the strong current of the water.

Since 2013, this resort has made an oath to protect sea turtles and their eggs, so that they do not go extinct. Thousands of turtles are rescued by this beautiful resort, and get released into their natural habitat once they are ready.

turtles on the beach

Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, Mexico

The beautiful Marriott resort in Puerto Vallarta has recently been seen rescuing turtles & even letting their guests rescue the hatchlings so that they do not get hurt by seagulls or the strong current of the wind.

Reports state that this resort and spa rescues and releases an average of over 60,000 turtles ever season. Those are a lot of turtles that are protected by this resort. Guests who are looking to take part in this event can contact the Sea Turtle Rescue Program team or the nursery that is an official part of the resort & spa.

little turtle on the beach

Los Cabos Hotels, Mexico

More than 20 hotels in the city of Los Cabos are certified to be protectors of sea turtles that randomly wash ashore their sands to try and lay eggs. The hotels protect these little turtles up, and protect them not only from the strong water current, but also from birds and animals that are looking to prey on the weak mother and children turtles.

If you are looking to find a hotel in Mexico, near the beaches, be sure to keep Los Cabos hotels in mind, because some of these hotels are very affordable. Afterwards, you can book flights to Mexico City and check the rest of the country out too.

adult turtles on the beach

If you are looking to book a hotel in Mexico, be sure to book one that protects little animals like turtles. These hotels are definitely giving back to mother Earth, and more hotels should definitely try to follow suit.