Recommendations of places in Central America

A popular magazine in Guatemala did an investigation of the favorite places in Central America of the country’s businessmen.

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga commented that two of his favorite places in Central America were TIKAL in Guatemala and GRANADA Y LEÓN in Nicaragua. Here is the explanation…

TIKAL – Guatemala

One of the largest archaeological sites in the Mayan world that even served as the setting for Star Wars, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive places you can visit in Central America. With its imposing pyramids, including one of the tallest of the Mayan civilization and surrounded by a natural park where you can observe a great diversity of flora and fauna, it is worth the 20 USD entrance fee.


TIKAL - Guatemala

This place is located in the northeast of the country near the towns of Santa Elena and Flores Island, in the latter you can find lodging from 3.3 USD in a hammock or 4.5 in a shared dormitory, the cheapest option to eat is in the streets of Santa Elena, where you can find full meals for less than 2 USD; to go to the archaeological site you can find round trip transportation for 7.8 USD and if you want to include the guide it will cost about 10 USD.

Apart from the cost of the entrance and transportation, you can visit this place with about 15 USD per day.


Two floats, not exactly colonial, pass through the streets of the oldest colonial city in Latin America. Granada.

These two cities are jewels of colonial architecture and also have a long history, both from colonial times and the revolution of this country.

In addition to getting lost in the corners of these cities you can visit Lake Cocibolca (the largest in Central America) from Granada or take a tour to any of the volcanoes surrounding the city of Leon.

The main square of the city and one of the scenarios of the Sandinista revolution. León.


Costs in both cities are similar, budget lodging costs around 6 USD, food in the market places or local eateries costs around 2 USD and you can visit their museums for around 2 USD admission.

So for about 15 USD per day you can immerse yourself in the history of this country.

In short, there are many more places in Central America that could be an excellent option to visit.

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