Amazing worm dishes in mexico

The world is full of surprises. We often discover unwanted and unexplainable things especially when we talking about strange foods, people use to eat several things that are not allow eating in civilized countries. I was unaware of such types of foods that I can’t imagine in my plate but when I visit to Mexico, it has changed my mind. The Mexican gastronomy is incomplete without worm dishes. Its sound strange but when you try these dishes first, you will love to have them. For such exciting experience, you need to take any flights to cancun and reached here. Today, we are going to discuss the amazing worm dishes in Mexico. Let’s check it out.

Amazing worm dishes in Mexico:

1.      Gusanos de (Maguey Worms)

Maguey is the agave plant that used in several drinks like:

  1. Tequila
  2. Pulque
  3. Mezcal

Used in many other customary Mexican mixed drinks. It has specific and really a parasitic caterpillar (moth hatchling) that lives on the plant. He is often found in its leaves and roots. The worms are either whitish with darker tips or ruddy in shading; the red assortment is known as chinicuiles. Just a couple of worms can be collected from each plant and simply after the plant has developed for quite a long while and consequently is fit to be reaped; in this way, maguey worms will in general be very uncommon and costly. They can be eatable at specific time after get develop.

worms in mexico

2.      Chapulines (Grasshoppers)

Numerous types of grasshopper-like creepy crawlies are prized in Mexico for their protein substance and flavor; they are here and there brought deliberately up in horse feed fields as a nourishment source. In size, they change from as little as a grain of rice on up to the size of an enormous cricket.

Not at all like numerous eatable bugs recorded here, chapulines will in general be moderately cheap, and in this way open to the normal Mexican. They are bubbled, at that point toasted or singed and sold by road sellers as a bite, it can be serve with

  1. Quesadillas (particularly in Oaxaca)
  2. In tacos
  3. Sprinkled on guacamole
  4. Use in different dishes as a topping
  5. Serve in the bars with several drinks

chapulines taco

3.      Escamoles (Ant Larvae)

The hatchlings of this specific insect species can be found in underground homes a few feet underneath the surface. They are whitish in shading and look similar to puffed rice.

Escamoles were a regular piece of the old Mexican eating routine; these days, however, they are to some degree difficult to find and considered an incredible colorful delicacy (read: costly) when they become accessible during their short spring season. So, don’t waste your time and book flights to cancun for an amazing adventure.

escamoles dish


13 Amazing wonders you will find in Mexico

Mexico is famous for its culture, customs, and traditions, but in Mexico anywhere you go you find a breathtaking view of landscapes, amazing valleys, and unique natural formations, and the biggest game-changer is sky changes amazing different colors that you always wanted to see. so, here is some awesome Mexico natural wonders, make sure you don’t miss out on seeing them during your lifetime.

13.-  Cancun Underwater Museum 

Cancun a Mexican city knows for its beaches, numerous resorts, star nightlife. So there is a most amazing place to explore the Cancun Underwater Museum, which is an installation of over 500 sculptures beneath the waters of the Cancun Marine Park. It opened in 2010 for the public now it’s the most popular destinations for adventures place. If you go Cancun go through the it gives you up to $50 off and cheap flights to cancun, it’s like one must visit once in a life.

 12.- Lake Chapala, Jalisco

Lake Chapala is located in Huichol Indians of Mexico’s southwest. Lake Chapala is the largest freshwater lake.

Lake of Chapala Jalisco Mexico

11.- Copper Canyon, Chihuahua

Actually, a Copper Canyon is a part of six canyons in Mexico’s northern state of Chihuahua. It was named after the coppery-green hues of the canyon.

10.- Mariea Islands, Nayarit

Famous of its creature with rock and sea, it is a former side of government bomb tests, no it’s protected with terrorism and home to abundant marine life.

9.- Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

The mesmerizing waterfalls and mineral pools in the state of Oaxaca are believed to amazing qualities and are a popular destination for hikers.

Dogs and amazing landscapes

8.- Tepoztec Hill, Morelos

It’s full of greenery and famous for its pyramid which dedicated to the god of puluque. This place is an awesome reputation full of adventures activity.

7.- Espíritu Santo Island, Baja California Sur

One of the well-preserved ecosystems with incredible marine life, birds, reptiles and elusive black jackrabbit of Mexico’s.

6.- Rosario Sanctuary, Michaocan

Millions of butterflies migrated from north to Rosario Sanctuary in Michaocan, and it’s the final resting place for butterflies.

Butterflys on a tree, sanctuary

5.- Nevado de Toluca, State of Mexico

The oldest and ancient volcanoes of Mexico, it’s home to two amazing lagoons, actually named after the sun and moon, amazing thing created volcanoes melting snow.

4.- Potrero Chico, Nueve León

It’s the best place of hikers and famed location of rock climbing in North America with a high peak of 2,000 feet and top view is some breathtaking.

 3.- Tamul Waterfalls, San Luis Potosi

The largest waterfalls of Mexico is Tamul Waterfall with 150 meter high.

people on waterfalls

2.- Mummies, Guanajuato

Guanajuato discovered hundreds of mummies in the late 1800s and early 1900s. the mummification process are naturally, due to the state’s soil content and dry climate

1.- Firefly forests, Tlaxcala

In the month of June, July and August the millions of fireflies meet in the forest and that is open for visitors.

This is not end here there are many other places available here, if we talk about wonders these are famous in Mexico City.

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Cuisines found in Cancun you will not get around the world

Local drinks you will only find in Mexico

Mexico is the home to some of the best cuisines in the world and the drinks scene in Mexico is no different. Whether you’re looking for tequila or a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail made from tropical fruit juices, you will find everything and is one of the reasons to book Montreal to Cancun flights.

Here are some of the best local drinks you will only enjoy in Mexico


Start the day with a traditional Mexican drink for breakfast with this blend of water,   vanilla, cinnamon, corn and piloncillo. You may not find this drink in the commercial restaurants; instead, you will find it at the street vendors.



Among the famous beverages of Mexico, renowned is very renowned. It is perhaps cinnamon and vanilla rice water. It’s a delicious Mexican classic to try on your next trip to the south.


The favourite cocktail of all, the classic margarita, is an essential drink of Mexico. The traditional recipe is served mixed with lemon juice and tequila, and served in a glass with a sugared edge to relieve bitterness. You can try different flavours, from mango to cranberries.



For those who love tequila and prefer alcohol other than a deadly drink, Paloma is the ideal choice for a gentler tequila kick. Made with grapefruit soda, white tequila, ice cream and served with a slice of lime, it’s a refreshing Mexican classic that you will not want to miss.

Mexican wines

The wine industry in Mexico has been booming in recent years. There will be excellent reds and whites that you can try on your next vacation. Mexico has 3 wine regions, La Laguna in Coahuila and Durango, and the central region including   Aguascalientes, Queretaro and Zacatecas.

mexican wines


Tuba is made by fermenting stem sap of numerous types of palm, especially the coconut. First, it has a brown colour, but it turns white. Its flavour is sweet, and its consistency is viscous. Similar drinks are consumed in other parts of the world, such as   Malaysia, Ghana, Philippines and South Africa.


Pozol is one of the famous drinks of Mexico, and that’s why it is included in this list. It is a combination of fermented maize paste, cocoa beans, sugar, and water which is best served with  ice. Not to be confused with the pozole that is a traditional Mexican dish, it is drunk sweet and slightly cheerful from morning till night. It’s more than a thirst quencher. According to the indigenous communities, this drink also has many treatment properties.

oaxaca pozol


Fermented drinks are everyone’s favourite in Mexico. Tepache is famous in the centre of the country. Tepache includes fermenting sweet fruit pulp and juice such as tuna, guava, pineapple or orange. Then add a touch of brown sugar, and it is ready. Drinking a delicious beer is less than one degree of alcohol.

Consider the available Montreal to Cancun flights as early as possible and enjoy local drinks in Mexico.

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Tips to find a safe place to visit this year

If you are looking to travel abroad, to any country for the purpose of a trip, there are many locations that might be intriguing. But there are only certain places in the world that are safe to visit in 2019. With these different terrorist activities happening all around the world, we can never be too sure. One of the safest places to visit this year is Mexico, especially through Cancun. If you are in Toronto, you can get cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto even right now.

Check place’s history

Clearly, if you are going to visit a place that you have never been to, the first thing you should do is check that place’s history. The reviews, or at least the activity should tell you what kind of place you might ben going to visit. If there are even a big minority of negative reviews, or aspects that people thought were dangerous, you clearly shouldn’t be pursuing that place for your next trip.

Hilly areas to climb

No trips to hilly areas

Hilly areas are very dangerous places, mainly because they are very enticing and make you lose your footing, but also because there are certain aspects of hilly areas that are very dangerous, and not something that you should be trekking if you want to find a safe place to visit.

Sure, with the increase in technology and introduction of lifts, these trips might have gotten safer, but they still pose a big risk.

Any place that has wilderness is a big no

Places with big forests, or wild animals are a big no, because not everyone is able to know the signs of when a wild animal may come and attack you. Forests also have creepy crawlies, and snakes that might bite you the moment they see you. You should not be taking that risk if you are finding a safe place.

Sure, these places may have the thrills, but they definitely won’t help you live a longer life.

People in the seashore

Keep your budget intact

Your budget is the key factor into determining if you are safe during a trip to a certain place that has some sort of human civilization. Money is everything when travelling, because you can get almost all perishables, including clothes, and petrol. There are a lot of other things to include too.

Don’t spend too much on just one thing, and be sure to keep your budget flexible and big enough that you are able to accommodate different activities while also being able to return back safely should anything happen.

Girls on top of a car

Take first-hand suggestions

Don’t take reviews for what they are, try asking people who have been there live. Learn to communicate and ask questions from tourists that have been to a place that you deem interesting, and you’ll eventually find the place that you want to go to.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to visit this year, be sure to at least take one of those cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto. You’ll definitely enjoy them.

The cheapest places to visit in Mexico

Mexico has long been a popular place for cheap holidays, but it can also be expensive in places like Cancun. If you are looking for an experience that goes beyond these luxury hotels, you will find many great destinations where the dollar extends much further.  These inexpensive holiday resorts, in particular, offer some of the best travel values ​​and many provide the opportunity to enjoy an authentic aspect of Mexican life. So what are you waiting for, book cheap flights to Mexico now.


Port of Loreto

Loreto is the oldest Baja’s settlement, offering many opportunities for history buffs, comprising of the ancient cave paintings and historic churches. Enjoy an authentic Mexican atmosphere combined with colourful traditions and rich heritage with access to beautiful beaches, coves and uninhabited islands that offer the opportunity to dive, swim, kayak, sail or take a dip in the sunbath. You can see dolphins and whales around De Loreto National Park.

Xilitla San luis Potosí

Xilitla Ruins

Xilitla is enclosed by lush forests full of waterfalls and swimming halls, but the biggest attraction is the English artist Edward James Park, who was abandoned and declared as a national cultural heritage in the year 2012.  Las Pozas, a beautiful garden consists of turquoise waterfalls and springs with spiral staircases leading nowhere,   bridges, sculptures and decorative columns.


Cholula located next to Puebla city but offers much better value to budget-minded holidaymakers. Enjoy a vibrant nightlife and all kinds of attractions, including the largest pyramid, preHispanic Tepanapa Pyramid. Tourists can climb to the top and travel through the tunnels below. Staying here is also an excellent base point for visiting the beautiful villages of Acatepec and Tonantzintla.

Playa del Carmen Cancun

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the most visited places in Mexico. It is relatively close to the Cancun International Airport, but it is an excellent destination for those wishing to enjoy a beach without having to pay high prices. You can expect endless coral reefs, palm trees,   restaurants and nightclubs and enjoy activities such as swimming and diving.

San Sebastian Bernal

La Peña de Bernal towers above the small town at its base and represents the entrance to the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. Located at an altitude of 300 meters, La Peña is a difficult challenge, and the summit can only be reached by experienced mountaineers.  Courageous visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Sierra Gorda.

Bacalar Mexico Cancun


Known as the seven-coloured lake, Bacalar is often outshined by its neighbours on the beach of the Yucatan Peninsula. However, this small town and the natural beauty that surrounds it are the perfect places to escape the hustle and bustle of the coast. Bacalar is four and a half hours drive from Cancún, near the border with Belize, a hippie gathering place where a short stopover can become an adventure for a full week of snorkelling and swim in waters turquoise.

Get ready for a fun-filled experience and book cheap flights to Mexico as soon as possible.

Rules to follow if you want to travel with pets

You may have heard that transporting your pets to Europe just has gotten a little easier but still, there are multiple rules which you have to follow when you are planning to travel with pets. Whether you have to get flights to Mexico City from Toronto or planning to travel anywhere else with your pets, there are always some rules which you have to follow. Here we have brought some rules which are necessary for you to understand.

Do you want to know the most important rules to follow when you have to travel with your pets? Well, here are the things which are highly important for you to understand in this regard:

·        Get a pet ID

It is always important that your pet travel with a tag that contains your contact info and his name. it can be even better if your pet could have a microchip. It is because this is necessary for the safety of your pet in case of any misshapen.

Doggo near to the ocean

·        Approved pet carrier is necessary to get

Whether you have to travel by train or air, it is always important to see the details about the pet carrier which have been officially sanctioned on the website. Then, buy the carrier as per these requirements and never forget to label this carrier with your pet name and pet ID along with your own name and contact information. Also, mark the carrier clearly with “LIVE ANIMAL” so that this can’t be treated as regular luggage.

·        Bring your pet’s medical records

When you have to travel with your pet from one state to another or from one country to another, then it is always important for you to gather entire medication information, health certificates and vaccination proofs from your vet. Keep all of these things with you. It is because traveling rules with pets vary by countries or airlines and you may need to submit these proofs. However, it is always important to check the requirements for your pet passport if you are flying to any other country.

dog in the carrier of the owner

·        Get the right gear

It is always important to get a collapsible water bowl, safety harness, a leash, and waste bags. Even more, it is also important for you to feed your pet at the time of their schedule. It is because feeding at the right time can help them to feel secure. However, it is always important not to try any adventurous eating before leaving for travel.

Once you are going to follow the mentioned-above rules then it is never hard for you to travel with your pets even in the flights to Mexico City from Toronto. So, make sure to arrange all of these things effectively to enjoy the best time.

dog with its owner enjoying the view

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5 things young people will love when they visit Mexico

Travelling is an amazing experience in life as it provides you with the opportunity to get yourself familiar with different nations, societies and individuals from everywhere throughout the world will make memories for a lifetime.  Mexico is one of the World’s most significant countries and a popular place for tourists from all over the world, especially the youth. Youth is curious about several things in Mexico. If you are a youngster, search for cheap flights to Mexico to know more about Mexico and its culture.


  1. Diversity

Its diversity is one of the main things young people is curious about in Mexico. The nature of Mexico is fascinating, and there are many species and plants on the Mexican border. There is also great ethnic diversity, as well as culture and food. But as far as the biodiversity is concerned, Mexico has around 10% of the world’s biodiversity.

Mexican Diversity


  1. Social Customs

Social life in Mexico varies considerably according to the socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender, racist perceptions, regional perceptions, differences between rural and urban areas, and other social and cultural factors. These differences give Mexico a great deal of its character and colour and present the country with challenges for the country. However, despite the wide variety of lifestyles and class opportunities in Mexico, some of the similarities are also shared widely.

people at the sunset


  1. Food and drink

Food and drink vary significantly from one region to another, but it largely depends on an old triad of staple foods: corn, beans, and also pumpkin. Rice is another crucial ingredient that is served with cereals. Even poor Mexicans began to consume portions of cheap imported processed foods.

food and drink

  1. Festivals

Most of the Mexican holidays are linked to Christian holidays, such as pre-Easter, Easter and Christmas carnivals, as well as patron saint festivals. Mexico is famous for celebrating the Day of the Dead. During this time and in previous weeks, families celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones in a variety of ways,  the mos popular is the  “Ofrenda” the mexican families puts in a table  food and drinks that were the favourite of those that already gone.


  1. Arts

Mexican artists and writers have been praised around the world for their creativity and originality. In their work, popular and classical traditions were strong. Perhaps mural is the best-known form of Mexican art, strongly influenced by the current literature and architecture of the Mayan and Aztec. Other notable artists include Rufino Tamayo, Nicolas Enriquez, Frida Kahlo and Juan Soriano.


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Rules You Should Not Break While You Are In Mexico

It is a good thing that you are searching and keeping a note of all the necessary details before booking your flights to Mexico City from Toronto. It shows that you are responsible enough to not do anything in the foreign city while traveling. Here are top five things you should never do in Mexico City and also keep a note along your details of flights to Mexico City from Toronto:

1. Don’t wear sandals or Flip Flops in Your trip:

Mexicans are always used to of wearing closed shoes such as boots, loafers, and pumps on the city. Though it is not a mistake it is just their habit. They like wearing sandals and flip flops only around the beach. Therefore, they may get a little disturb and also disturb you with their meaningful glances. For a comfortable trip, try tale close shoes with you in your flights to Mexico City from Toronto.

2. Don’t Flaunt with Your Precious Stuff:

Mexico is a place where you don’t only find locals but it’s always packed with tourists and foreigners too. Therefore, the law and order situation is a little disturbed and snatching bags and purses is a norm there. There is always rush on the street so you won’t know that from where the snatcher came and where did it go. Therefore, to avoid any sort of inconvenience, you are advised not to take your precious stuff such as gold jewelry and expensive cameras with you. If you must have to, grip them firmly on the roads.


3. Rush Hours At Train Can Be Hard to Your Personal Space:

During the rush hours, train stations are always busy, noisy, and too rushed. You will have to struggle a hard time in order to take a seat or even space in the subway. Therefore, it is better that you make a schedule of your trip that you don’t have to use the train during rush hours. It is better that you make this schedule just when you book your flights to Mexico City from Toronto.

4. Never Drink Openly On The Streets:

All with this, you are advised that though drinking is legal in Mexico but not openly on the streets. It is only legal in private homes, private spaces, pubs, and hotels etc. Therefore, you mustn’t flaunt around the city with a drink in your hand. You will have to bear serious charges for that even you can be deported.

So, there are four Rules that You Should must not Break While You Are in Mexico. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy your trip in the best way.

Personal care recommendations you need to consider while visiting Mexico

Having a safe journey and travel is much essential if you wish to make your tour successful. If you are moving to Mexico, you must know the amazing tips to easily survive there. First of all, you must know either you need the Mexico travel insurance or not.

What are Personal care recommendations you need to consider when you are at Mexico?

This article will properly cover the Personal care recommendations that someone must consider before traveling to Mexico, let us have a closer look what these recommendations are.

Keenly choose the restrooms

Many people get confused when they are at Mexico because here, the restroom doors on which they have written “”M” is for females. Never confuse yourself that these rooms are for men. In Mexican, women are called mujeres and this is the main reason of writing M on the doors. It is quite a simple thing but many people get confused about it because they are unfamiliar about this fact or they have visited Mexico for the very first time.

Mexican beach

Take care of your paper slip

Whenever you will enter the Mexico, you will receive the paper slip, take care of it, you should not miss it if you wish to live safe there. When you have to leave the country, immigration officer will ask about it. If you will lose it, you will be fined for your irresponsibility.  Remember! This is the most important factor that someone should not ignore if he wishes to keep himself safe.

Take your water bottle with you

If you feel that their water is not too clean to drink, we suggest you to take your own bottle with you. Mexico is the hot city, so, this tip can work well for you because you will need a lot of water there to drink. Similarly, you can save yourself from pollutant water there. Remember! This is the most eco-friendly way to take water wherever you drink. Try to keep you healthy drinking bacteria free water. Similarly, we suggest you to must explore Mexico but never go on dangerous tracks. Try to choose the places that are easy to reach.

Cancun cheap flights are also the part of your personal care because someone who doesn’t want to make his trip expensive, he must look for the ways and discounts that will help him to have affordable trips.

Importance of Mayan Calendar you need to know

Keeping calendar is not a new thing. Oldest calendar in the world is about 10,000 old. People are using calendar to remember days, time and events in their history. It is true that the whole world is following AD calendar today but that was not the case few hundred years ago. Every civilization had their own calendar and they were following their calendars to remember their historical events. In this article we will talk about Mayan Calendar.


Mayan calendar is one of the oldest calendar. It is around 3000 years old. The first year of Mayan calendar was in the 1st century BC. The origin of this calendar is found in Olmec civilization. This calendar is one of the most important calendars in the world. The Olmec Priest were so accurate in their calculation that even modern calendar is 1000 days less accurate that this calendar. Still people are using this calendar to check the accuracy of modern calendars. This calendar is more complex calendar than any calendar in the world. This calendar is still used in some cities of Mexico like Cancun. Hence, next time you visit Cancun with some Cancun cheap flights then you can ask some locals about it.

Astronomy Tower Maya


There calendar is not like an ordinary calendar. The month of a Maya calendar is shown in a circle of 20 days. They have two years conceding with each other. Their 365 days are called haab. 260th day of the year is a Sacred round for them. In our calendar, we call 100 years a century, but their century is 52 years and they call it bundle. They have complete twenty names for each day in a 20th day month meaning they don’t have any concept of weeks. Many of their day’s name are inspired by their animal Gods. Their days are called:

  1. Imix
  2. Ik
  3. Akbal
  4. Kan
  5. Chicchan
  6. Cimi
  7. Manik
  8. Lamat
  9. Muluc
  10. Oc
  11. Chuen
  12. Eb
  13. Ben
  14. Ix
  15. Men
  16. Cib
  17. Caban
  18. Eiznab
  19. Cauac
  20. Ahau


This calendar is full of surprises. No one knows how this calendar came into being. This is highly possible that this calendar may tie some events like configuration of mars and appearance of Venus. This calendar even explains the interval between conception and birth of a human body.


Mayan calendar is no doubt the highest achievement of Maya civilization. This calendar is very important even today. This is 1000 days more accurate than our modern calendar. This was the calendar that predicted the end of time back in 2012. Still people use it to predict many things in the future.

Every civilization has their achievements and Maya had Mayan calendar as their achievement. This calendar is still used by many people in Mexico. They set their events and cultural festivals according to this calendar.