Common business opportunities to look for in Mexico

There might be different people taking flights to Mexico City from Toronto or any region on this planet for visiting purposes, but there is also some sort of people for sure that travel to Mexico City for business purpose. No doubt there are tons of fun things to do in Mexico but also there are lots of business opportunities for people over there.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the common business opportunities that you can look for in Mexico and establish a well-growing business over there.

1.    Technology

One of the most common and popular kinds of businesses that you can establish in Mexico by taking flights to Mexico city to Toronto or any place is technology. Since technology is advancing day by day, but in Mexico, it is way beyond advancing. There are tons of people in Mexico that acknowledge the importance of this thing and they get to need such places where their problems can be solved, no matter those problems are related to hardware or software. In this case, you can establish a technology-related business like mobile or desktop devices repairing shop or a multinational software company, you will have a great edge in both cases.

Code background

2.    Restaurant

Another one of the greatest business opportunities that you can get in Mexico city is through the restaurant. Since most of the people in Mexico love to eat food and they are intended to try a different kinds of food items related to any other region of this planet. They search for different restaurants that offer a particular kind of food and they love to eat there. In this case, you can easily establish your restaurant in Mexico City. All you just have to offer great taste and uniqueness to your food and you will get great growth in your restaurant business.

Restaurants in Mexico city

3.    Bars or Coffee Shops

Another one of the great business idea to establish in Mexico city is opening a bar or coffee shop over there. Similar to restaurants and other foody points in Mexico, bars and coffee shops are also quite popular among people. There are lots of Mexicans that love to spend their night at bars and day at coffee shops. They like to hang out with their friends and enjoy to reduce the stress of their daily life. in this case, your bar or coffee shop and easily grow in Mexico and can offer you a great revenue per year.

Bar restaurant

4.    Import/Export

Import/export is also a great business opportunity to establish in Mexico. If you are a foreigner and took flights to Mexico from Toronto or any other place, you simply start import/export business by importing your regional products to Mexico and exporting Mexican traditional items to your region. In this case, both places have a chance to have traditional things that belong to other places, which will lead you to great success.

So, consider all of these business opportunities and make sure to establish any of them to do successful business in Mexico City.

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Common means of transportation to use in Mexico

If you traveling other countries you should know about its transportation culture and what transportation will save you more money while traveling, as Mexico is knowns for its culture and traditions with some awesome and breathtaking views of pyramids, mountains and beaches also with full of greenery. Everyone loves to visit to see some special places on their vacation but you should know about its transportation for saving money while you are traveling or shift for your job. Especially the travelers give $49 discount and give Cancun cheap flights for visitors.

The common transportation in Mexico are:


In Mexico there is most running and saving transportation and also it’s divided in three type pf buses:

  • The Chicken Bus is the most budgetable and low fare, there is many chicken buses running on road so you don’t worry about to seat and go where ever you wish to visit in Mexico,  and the cost is less than one dollar for per hour.
  • The Modern Coach is more common transportation in Mexico its also range very widely, the modern coaches, with comfy reclining seats, movies, bathrooms on board, and curtains in the windows. Prices are slightly higher than chicken busses, but it’s reasonable you will get all these in just 1 to 3 dollars per hour.
  • The City Bus it’s most cheap transportation in Mexico to use it’s just cost less than 1 dollar.
  • Bus in CDMX


This van is very common transportation in Mexico. With 10 to 15 people seating available system, the amazing thing is this van is never the full cause of general rule for comforting passengers more it’s cost slightly higher than buses, 1 to 2  dollars for depending the distance.


Micro transportation is especially for visitors and tourists,  are big trucks with colorful painting and open-air benches to see some amazing view while traveling and it’s the price is not higher it’s just cost 1 to 5 dollars.

Bicitaxis in CMDX

 Bicitaxis or Mototaxis:

It’s also very common use of transportation in Mexico it has a three-wheeled tiny oval vehicle with a bench in front for the driver and one in back to fit 1-3 passengers and you found these vehicles typically in rural areas and it’s cost 1 to 5 dollars.

This article will help with all the common use of transportation in Mexico to save some money and at the same time you can know what the daily life of the inhabitants of the city is like and how they travel.

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Sierra Madre: Reasons to visit in this season

Sierra Madre is one of the largest mountain ranges. Sierra Madre means “mother mountain” in Spanish. It is a sign of Mexico’s vast and diverse natural beauty. Its consists of 3 parts Sierra Madre Occidental (to the west), the Sierra Madre Oriental (to the east), and the Sierra Madre del Sur (to the south). If you are a hiker and want to do some extreme challenge of hiking with friends and family so you should try once in a lifetime, this mountain doesn’t disappoint you.

Sierra Madre Map

In this season you must go to Sierra Madre and in this season much traveling agency gives 50 dollars to visit Mexico, especially Montreal to Cancun FlightsAnd saving money for traveling is the best option to get some more enjoyment to buy some locality things and traditional and cultural things.

And knowing that you are in a safe place is the most amazing thing and visitors love to listen to this, Sierra Madre also has a town of about 10,000 people, the neighbors are so frank and loving and a police force doing their best to maintain a safe and family-friendly environment.

Reasons to visit the Sierra Madre:

In this season the Mexican people organize Christmas party in the Sierra Madre mountain, decorated near the mountains and arranged a party for visitors and locality to get some extreme and breathtaking view from there and enjoy the highest level of its heart. The Mexican people and locality wears traditional clothes, The huipil is the traditional dress for girls that they are sleeveless, typically they are made with cotton dressed and having a simple attractive color and the men’s traditional clothing includes sarape which is a large blanket cape, the charro suit with its origin that wears by Mexican cowboy which includes plenty of shades, boots are also a wardrobe staple to get attract visitors with his traditional clothes.

Mexican Huipil

Making food in this season is a best thing to enjoy some more in mountains they cook traditional meals like Chilaquiles is the most popular and traditional meal that includes lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with green and red salsa, fried eggs and chickens are normally added on top, also cheese and cream as well, this is the only one there is many dishes like Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tastadas, Chiles en nogada, etc.

Chilaquiles verdes

There are so many reasons to visit in this season that spend some amazing time in amazing place, this article is defined above that why you visit in this season and see some amazing and extreme challenging things to do in the Sierra Madre with your friends, I suggest especially hikers to visit this place with their teams to do this extreme thing.


Why are piñatas so important in Mexico?

There are tons of people come to visit Mexico every year from all around the world. They come here to spend their vacation and have some quality time with their loved ones. Similar to different other people, I also booked tickets for flights to Mexico City and head to this place last year. That was really fun to visit Mexico because I found multiple things over there. There were reflections of different traditions from different places and backgrounds on the planet. Additionally, there were lots of amazing entertainment related stuff over there.

While the very unique and intriguing factor I found in Mexico city is Piñatas. Most of the people might not be familiar with this term because it is a kind of tradition of this place. So, here I am going to tell you about some of the historical factors and meanings of Pinatas in Mexico City.

What is Piñatas?

Pinatas is actually a clay pot that is covered with decorated tissue papers and paper mache. This clay pot is filled with lots of candies and goodies for the kids. It is a kind of hamper pot for which kids in the traditional events of Mexico wait a lot. In fact, there might be any Mexican festival where Pinatas is not available.

The traditional shape of Pinatas in Mexico is usually a kind of star having seven points instead of five. While, in some cases, it is shaped in some kind of animal cartoon character or any superhero. In this case, when children see such kind of similar thing in an event, they rush towards it and want to get hampers from it.

piñatas hand made

Children can get these hampers easily without any kind of trouble, but in some sort of party, you will find different games by which you can have those hampers. You simply have to do any task, and then have your gift in your hands.

History and Meaning of Pinatas

Pinatas is quite an ancient and traditional type of thing to have in Mexico. It was introduced in 1586. Mexican People in the past time used to have this thing in their events to offer an additional edge to the party. This is the reason that they wanted to make it more creative and interesting to people that they start to like it. For this purpose, they made seven points of Pinatas that actually represents all the seven deadly sin. This thing highly excited people and they really start liking it to have it in every event.

Piñatas en Mexico

Pinatas Today

In today’s time, the importance of pinatas is quite high. As we described above, no party or event can be imagined to organize without pinatas. Almost every birthday party or event should have a thing so that they can make kids enjoy.

Modern piñatas

Along with the kids, adults also like to enjoy it. This is the reason that a pinata for adults is also introduced so that they can have presents for them too.

So, if you have never visited Mexico, make sure to book flights to Mexico City during any event days because at that time, you will get the chance to experience pinatas

Places in Mexico famous for sports

Mexico is one of the trendy vacation spots in the world, is a land full of beautiful landscapes filled with beautiful sandy beaches, ancient cities, green mountains, and dense civilizations. The mix of ancient, rural and modern ways of life of people and culture is extremely impressive and makes it one of the most attractive and unique countries in America. If you are a sports lover, book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto because there are many places famous for sports in Mexico.

Monterrey Baseball Stadium 

Monterrey Baseball Stadium is a famous and largest baseball stadium in Mexico. This is the stadium of the baseball team of the League of Mexican Sultanate of Monterrey. The Monterrey Baseball Stadium is always in the eyes of the world and has discovered it as the best place to practice baseball in Mexico.

Monterrey Stadium

Guadalajara Sports

From traditional Mexican hobbies such as charrio modern soccer and baseball, Guadalajara is the perfect place for all types of athletes. For sports lovers, Guadalajara is home to 2 football teams. Guadalajara hosts the Mexican National Charro Championship, which is celebrated as part of the Charreria Festival and International Mariachi in September. Lucha Libre shows will be held at the Guadalajara Coliseum in downtown Guadalajara on Tuesday and Sunday nights. You can see some very popular Chivas or the most ingenious atlas to spend quality moments.

Olimpus 7

The Olimpus 7 Sports Centers chain is one of Mexico’s most popular sports channels. Indeed, according to their website, it has a total of 11 sites in the capital, all offering excellent service, first-class equipment and the opportunity to hire a qualified referee if you want to increase the usability a little more than that.

Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most famous tourist communities that welcome international guests with a warm welcome. It,  along the coast, where the Sierra de Vallejo meets the Pacific Ocean. With some of Mexico’s most exclusive beaches, hotels, restaurants, and spa centers make it a paradise for tourists. This 5 km of coastline with golden beaches offer many sports activities such as golf and surfing. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mexico among Canadians and Americans.

Nuevo Vallarta

Los Cabos Beaches

The two cities of Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are associated with beautiful white sand beaches known as Los Cabos beaches. These beaches attract more than two million visitors each year and are very popular in water sports such as fishing, whale watching, and water cycling.  These lively beaches are full of vitality throughout the year and can offer you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Los cabos beaches

What are you waiting for, book cheap flights to Cancun from Toronto now and spend the best time of your life in Mexico.

Common exports of Mexico you will find in the world

Mexico is a hub for electronics, automobile, and mechanical appliances etc. making it one of the leading exporters of these things in the world.  If you are considering Puerto Vallarta cheap flights, book your seat now and get ready for a beautiful journey.

Mexico exports goods of billions to different parts of the world. The most valuable products are cars, auto parts or accessories, computers that include optical drives, crude oil, phone system devices, TV receivers, projectors, monitors, cables, insulated wires and medical equipment etc. Here is a list of common exports in Mexico you will find in the world.


Mexico has a flourishing electronics industry, the sixth-largest in the world. It is the tenth-largest exporter of electrical machinery, including electronics, accounting for 3.3% of the value of total world imports. Computers, television, circuit boards, and mobile phones are among the country’s leading manufacturers. Mexico also has the largest active auto industry in the country and the largest in North America.

Electronics exportation


Mexico is one of the biggest exporters of machinery, including electrical generators, flat-screen TVs, and monitors in the World. Other significant exports in this product group include cables, electric motors as well as panels.

Optical and Photographic

Mexico is the eighth largest exporter of optical in the world. Mexico’s exports of photographic and optical products to the world are calculated as 4.2%, which consists mainly of optical, photographic, film, standard, medical, and surgical instruments.

Photographic items

Crude Petroleum

The yearly value of crude petroleum is around $ 275 billion,  and Mexico is one of the largest exporters with a good market share. Although the United States is also a primary destination for Mexico’s crude oil exports, other countries such as Spain, India and Japan are also considered as important export markets.

Mechanical Appliances

Automatic data processing machines are Mexico’s main exports in the mechanical appliances category of products. Other major exports to Mexico are refrigerators, combustion engines, air conditioners, turbines and vacuum pumps. The United States, Germany and Canada are the main export destinations for machinery in Mexico.

Mechanical apliances


The Mexican vehicle industry is divided into sectors of passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles for agriculture and construction. Mexico is the world’s seventh-largest producer of passenger cars and produces nearly four million vehicles a year and is the fifth largest exporter and manufacturer of heavy vehicles and parts specializing in the agriculture and construction sectors.

Vehicles made in mexico loke ford

Besides these things, other leading exports of Mexico are home furniture, plastic, natural pearls, precious stones, edible vegetables, and fruits, and nuts. Make sure to book Puerto Vallarta cheap flights now to enjoy your vacations.

Best time to plan destination wedding in Mexico


If your fantasy is to have the wedding in a varied and culture-filled city, I prefer Mexico City could be the ideal spot. The City is loaded up with vitality and shading, and there’s such a great amount to browse as far as setting alternatives. In case you’re searching for a space a great many people wouldn’t consider, consider ravishing exhibition hall scenes like the grand Old Convent of Regina or the sentimental yard at the Franz Mayer gallery. Picking a significant city like Mexico City has focal points a long ways past air terminal nearness — they have a lot of boutique and lavish inns to look over for scene or facilities.


For an elegantly curated boutique lodging wedding, look at Pug Seal in the beguiling Polanco neighborhood. Puerto Vallarta is also famous as one of the most desirable destination of Mexico. You can take flights to Puerto Vallarta and planned your wedding here. The weather of the Mexico is also pleasant but most of the months are dry and sunny, so, if you want to plan your destination wedding here in Mexico then you must consider the weather as well. Let’s check out.

Puerto vallarta weddings Mexico

Best time to plan destination wedding in Mexico:

For wedding purpose, the best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season among December and April, when there is essentially no monsoon. If we talk about the coolest months, they are among December and mid-February, in spite of the fact that temperatures can even now arrive at midpoints of 28℃ approximately during the dry season of the year. It’s also depending on your likeness because if the summer is dry here but you can plan the beach wedding as well. The beaches are always good and ideal for weddings. It’s also easy to get flights to Puerto Vallarta on affordable price for all the guests.

Weddings in Mexico

The wet season starts in the south in May and goes on until October. A substantial shower during this period for the most part clears the expanded mugginess before it develops once more. The Caribbean coast can be influenced by the tropical storm season, which runs from June to November. Mexico is an immense nation, and the climate changes via season and by locale.

Winter weddings in Mexico

Mexico is the wonderful place. Many people from all over the world come to celebrate their best day here. You can easily get the wedding planners and event management teams. The hotels are also provided and arrange meetings with such people. All you need is to check the weather before coming here. If you ask my opinion, the best weather is from December to march because at that time, weather is cold. So book your flights to Puerto Vallarta and celebrate love.

Amazing worm dishes in mexico

The world is full of surprises. We often discover unwanted and unexplainable things especially when we talking about strange foods, people use to eat several things that are not allow eating in civilized countries. I was unaware of such types of foods that I can’t imagine in my plate but when I visit to Mexico, it has changed my mind. The Mexican gastronomy is incomplete without worm dishes. Its sound strange but when you try these dishes first, you will love to have them. For such exciting experience, you need to take any flights to cancun and reached here. Today, we are going to discuss the amazing worm dishes in Mexico. Let’s check it out.

Amazing worm dishes in Mexico:

1.      Gusanos de (Maguey Worms)

Maguey is the agave plant that used in several drinks like:

  1. Tequila
  2. Pulque
  3. Mezcal

Used in many other customary Mexican mixed drinks. It has specific and really a parasitic caterpillar (moth hatchling) that lives on the plant. He is often found in its leaves and roots. The worms are either whitish with darker tips or ruddy in shading; the red assortment is known as chinicuiles. Just a couple of worms can be collected from each plant and simply after the plant has developed for quite a long while and consequently is fit to be reaped; in this way, maguey worms will in general be very uncommon and costly. They can be eatable at specific time after get develop.

worms in mexico

2.      Chapulines (Grasshoppers)

Numerous types of grasshopper-like creepy crawlies are prized in Mexico for their protein substance and flavor; they are here and there brought deliberately up in horse feed fields as a nourishment source. In size, they change from as little as a grain of rice on up to the size of an enormous cricket.

Not at all like numerous eatable bugs recorded here, chapulines will in general be moderately cheap, and in this way open to the normal Mexican. They are bubbled, at that point toasted or singed and sold by road sellers as a bite, it can be serve with

  1. Quesadillas (particularly in Oaxaca)
  2. In tacos
  3. Sprinkled on guacamole
  4. Use in different dishes as a topping
  5. Serve in the bars with several drinks

chapulines taco

3.      Escamoles (Ant Larvae)

The hatchlings of this specific insect species can be found in underground homes a few feet underneath the surface. They are whitish in shading and look similar to puffed rice.

Escamoles were a regular piece of the old Mexican eating routine; these days, however, they are to some degree difficult to find and considered an incredible colorful delicacy (read: costly) when they become accessible during their short spring season. So, don’t waste your time and book flights to cancun for an amazing adventure.

escamoles dish


13 Amazing wonders you will find in Mexico

Mexico is famous for its culture, customs, and traditions, but in Mexico anywhere you go you find a breathtaking view of landscapes, amazing valleys, and unique natural formations, and the biggest game-changer is sky changes amazing different colors that you always wanted to see. so, here is some awesome Mexico natural wonders, make sure you don’t miss out on seeing them during your lifetime.

13.-  Cancun Underwater Museum 

Cancun a Mexican city knows for its beaches, numerous resorts, star nightlife. So there is a most amazing place to explore the Cancun Underwater Museum, which is an installation of over 500 sculptures beneath the waters of the Cancun Marine Park. It opened in 2010 for the public now it’s the most popular destinations for adventures place. If you go Cancun go through the it gives you up to $50 off and cheap flights to cancun, it’s like one must visit once in a life.

 12.- Lake Chapala, Jalisco

Lake Chapala is located in Huichol Indians of Mexico’s southwest. Lake Chapala is the largest freshwater lake.

Lake of Chapala Jalisco Mexico

11.- Copper Canyon, Chihuahua

Actually, a Copper Canyon is a part of six canyons in Mexico’s northern state of Chihuahua. It was named after the coppery-green hues of the canyon.

10.- Mariea Islands, Nayarit

Famous of its creature with rock and sea, it is a former side of government bomb tests, no it’s protected with terrorism and home to abundant marine life.

9.- Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

The mesmerizing waterfalls and mineral pools in the state of Oaxaca are believed to amazing qualities and are a popular destination for hikers.

Dogs and amazing landscapes

8.- Tepoztec Hill, Morelos

It’s full of greenery and famous for its pyramid which dedicated to the god of puluque. This place is an awesome reputation full of adventures activity.

7.- Espíritu Santo Island, Baja California Sur

One of the well-preserved ecosystems with incredible marine life, birds, reptiles and elusive black jackrabbit of Mexico’s.

6.- Rosario Sanctuary, Michaocan

Millions of butterflies migrated from north to Rosario Sanctuary in Michaocan, and it’s the final resting place for butterflies.

Butterflys on a tree, sanctuary

5.- Nevado de Toluca, State of Mexico

The oldest and ancient volcanoes of Mexico, it’s home to two amazing lagoons, actually named after the sun and moon, amazing thing created volcanoes melting snow.

4.- Potrero Chico, Nueve León

It’s the best place of hikers and famed location of rock climbing in North America with a high peak of 2,000 feet and top view is some breathtaking.

 3.- Tamul Waterfalls, San Luis Potosi

The largest waterfalls of Mexico is Tamul Waterfall with 150 meter high.

people on waterfalls

2.- Mummies, Guanajuato

Guanajuato discovered hundreds of mummies in the late 1800s and early 1900s. the mummification process are naturally, due to the state’s soil content and dry climate

1.- Firefly forests, Tlaxcala

In the month of June, July and August the millions of fireflies meet in the forest and that is open for visitors.

This is not end here there are many other places available here, if we talk about wonders these are famous in Mexico City.

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Cuisines found in Cancun you will not get around the world

Local drinks you will only find in Mexico

Mexico is the home to some of the best cuisines in the world and the drinks scene in Mexico is no different. Whether you’re looking for tequila or a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail made from tropical fruit juices, you will find everything and is one of the reasons to book Montreal to Cancun flights.

Here are some of the best local drinks you will only enjoy in Mexico


Start the day with a traditional Mexican drink for breakfast with this blend of water,   vanilla, cinnamon, corn and piloncillo. You may not find this drink in the commercial restaurants; instead, you will find it at the street vendors.



Among the famous beverages of Mexico, renowned is very renowned. It is perhaps cinnamon and vanilla rice water. It’s a delicious Mexican classic to try on your next trip to the south.


The favourite cocktail of all, the classic margarita, is an essential drink of Mexico. The traditional recipe is served mixed with lemon juice and tequila, and served in a glass with a sugared edge to relieve bitterness. You can try different flavours, from mango to cranberries.



For those who love tequila and prefer alcohol other than a deadly drink, Paloma is the ideal choice for a gentler tequila kick. Made with grapefruit soda, white tequila, ice cream and served with a slice of lime, it’s a refreshing Mexican classic that you will not want to miss.

Mexican wines

The wine industry in Mexico has been booming in recent years. There will be excellent reds and whites that you can try on your next vacation. Mexico has 3 wine regions, La Laguna in Coahuila and Durango, and the central region including   Aguascalientes, Queretaro and Zacatecas.

mexican wines


Tuba is made by fermenting stem sap of numerous types of palm, especially the coconut. First, it has a brown colour, but it turns white. Its flavour is sweet, and its consistency is viscous. Similar drinks are consumed in other parts of the world, such as   Malaysia, Ghana, Philippines and South Africa.


Pozol is one of the famous drinks of Mexico, and that’s why it is included in this list. It is a combination of fermented maize paste, cocoa beans, sugar, and water which is best served with  ice. Not to be confused with the pozole that is a traditional Mexican dish, it is drunk sweet and slightly cheerful from morning till night. It’s more than a thirst quencher. According to the indigenous communities, this drink also has many treatment properties.

oaxaca pozol


Fermented drinks are everyone’s favourite in Mexico. Tepache is famous in the centre of the country. Tepache includes fermenting sweet fruit pulp and juice such as tuna, guava, pineapple or orange. Then add a touch of brown sugar, and it is ready. Drinking a delicious beer is less than one degree of alcohol.

Consider the available Montreal to Cancun flights as early as possible and enjoy local drinks in Mexico.

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